Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 3rd March

We celebrate the births of, among others, King John II of Portugal who consolidated his power by arriving in 1455. Inventor of the sleeping railway car bearing his name, George Mortimer Pullman actually pushed in 1831. Founder of India’s largest conglomerate company bearing his name, Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata would have said, ‘Hello’ in 1839. Person we have to thank for endless calls about accidents you’ve never had or PPI claims given the inventor credited with coming up with the first practical telephone, Alexander Graham Bell had his first tinkle in 1847. Arm waver at the Proms for over 50 years and now immortalised with a bronze bust at the Royal Albert Hall, Henry Joseph Wood made his introduction in 1869. Founder of original ‘Ponzi’ scheme, Carlo Pietro Giovanni Guglielmo Tebaldo Ponzi, or as he became known – Charles Ponzi convinced his mum to deliver him in 1882. Norwegian of the day, poet Tore Ørjasæter started the tree of life in 1886. Actress/sex symbol Harlean Harlow Carpenter who went onto become known as Jean Harlow, was in close harmony with her mum in 1911. Actor known for playing Montgomery ‘Scotty’ Scott in 60’s sci-fi bore fest, Star Trek – James Montgomery ‘Jimmy’ Doohan started to speak his own language after birth in 1920. Also born that year, illustrator and satirical cartoonist who created St. Trinian’s School, Ronald Searle thought, ‘What? Already?’ Ball dropper from the baize and snooker commentator, John Virgo got the aiming line right in 1946. Actress from classic BBC comedy Blackadder, Miranda Jane Richardson wasn’t provoked into being born in 1958. Olympic bronze and silver medalist with the javelin, Fatima Whitbread (born Vedad), threw herself into things in 1961. One time popster and now know all physicist Brian Edward Cox dared to be born in 1968. Satirist and broadcaster Charlton ‘Charlie’ Brooker was dead set on being delivered in 1971. Ex-member of boy group Boyzone, Rohan Keating had his parent’s friends ask, ‘Baby can I hold you’ in 1977. Actress Jessica Claire Timberlake (née Biel) has had total recall of her birth since 1982.

Deaths today appear to be a bit thin on the ground as we start in 1959 with one half of comedy film duo Abbott & Costello, given Louis Francis ‘Lou’ Cristillo or Lou Costello was able to hold that ghost. Creator of TinTin, Belgian drawer Georges Prosper Hergé erased himself in 1983. Actor, singer, dancer and comedian (not necessarily in that order), David Daniel Kaminsky or Danny Kaye, took his leave in 1987. Finally, dishevelled ex-leader of the red team (Labour) in Britain who had penchant for donkey jackets, Michael Mackintosh Foot found the dispatch box in 2010.


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