Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 4th March

The fourth of March sees the births of: Baroque composer Antonio Lucia Vivaldi who started his first season in 1678. Magician and younger brother to Houdini, along with being founder of the Magicians Guild, born Ferenc Dezsō Weisz but known as Theodore ‘Dash’ Hardeen, wasn’t quite pulled out of a hat in 1876. Co-founder of Al-Anon, and wife to founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill – Lois Wilson (née Burnham), or just Lois W, whose parents didn’t get to wet the baby’s head in 1891. Son of American drug store chain founder, Charles Rudolph Walgreen, the imaginatively named Charles Rudolph Walgreen Jr., popped out in 1906. Famed for his monocle, rather odd presenting style and high waisted trousers not forgetting his xylophone playing, Patrick Alfred Caldwell-Moore had the stars in alignment to something or other in 1923. Co-founder of pyramid, (or as they now term it ‘multi-level’) company Amway, Richard Marvin DeVos Sr., found himself at the bottom of the heap in 1926. Actor David Thayer Hersey who went by the name Thayer David didn’t have a rocky birth in 1927. Singer Robert Dwayne Womack, or as he was better known, Bobby Womack – wondered what this is when born in 1944. Distinctive singer with Yello, Dieter Meier was able to do it in 1945. Alice Lynne ‘Lindy’ Chamberlain-Creighton (née Murchison) who was jailed and later exonerated of her daughter’s murder at Ayers Rock, (now Uluru) wasn’t carried away with proceedings in 1948. Also born that year, Welsh singer Michael Barrett who is probably better known as double denim king Shakin’ Stephens must have been shaking upon entering the world. Footballer and now football manager, Kenneth Mathieson ‘Kenny’ Dalglish wasn’t on the subs bench in 1951. Another person born that year, singer Christopher Anton Rea – is a water sign, Pisces to be precise. Husband of Gloria, and fellow member of Miami Sound Machine, Emilio Estefan Gómez had the eyes of the innocent in 1953. Snooker player/commentator William Joseph ‘Willie’ Thorne had a double kiss in 1954. Joke king and younger bro to Jeremy, Timothy Mark ‘Tim’ Vine didn’t raise a laugh, rather a smile in 1967. Ex-Mrs Dan Donovan, Jim Kerr, Liam Gallagher and Jeremy Healy, Patricia Jude Francis ‘Patsy’ Kensit was an absolute beginner in 1968. Norwegian of the day, death metaller Ted Skjellum who goes by the stage name Nocturno Culto found a new dimension in 1972. Hunky (to some), gay (to all) television doctor, Christian Jesson had the ugly face of beauty bestowed upon him in 1977. Gap toothed daughter to the late Whitney Houston and not so late Bobby Brown, sort of singer Bobbi Kristina Brown warmed her voice up in 1993.

Deaths look to be a bit light today and as an added bonus we start with a Pope, this one, Pope Lucius I made sure he never had to get up early again on a Sunday from 561. Builder and vocal advocate of British Summer Time, (not those random two days of sunshine between April and September), William Willet wasn’t granted an extra hour in 1915. Co-discoverer of artificial sweetener saccharin, Ira Remsen went off in 1927. Only person to have been both a dwarf and a giant (without using stilts), Adam Rainer got an extra large plot in the cemetery from 1950. English yodeller Harry Hopkinson, or as his A&R man knew him, Harry Torrani, thankfully shut up for good in 1979. Actor known for playing Captain Square in Dad’s Army, Geoffrey Forbes Lumsden stood down in 1984. Smoking cabinet minister under Maggie T – Nicholas Ridley, Baron Ridley of Liddlesdale went up in smoke himself back in 1993. Actor/comedian John Franklin Candy became the silent partner in 1994. Moustached hairy biker from the Village People, Glenn Martin Hughes headed west in 2001. Finally, John Preston Courville or Johnny Preston – singer of hit record from the 1960’s, ‘Running Bear’, obviously didn’t feel so fine this day in 2011.


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