Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th March

Today, we see King Henry II of England aka Henry Curtmantle or Henry FitzEmpress or Henry Plantagenet not knowing which name to respond to in 1133. Not wanting to be outdone, King David II of Scotland arrived in 1324. Mathematician who invented logarithms along with logarithmic lines for slide rulers, William Oughtred worked out the best day to be born in 1574. Twins, Edward and Thomas Cornwallis may have started off on the same day in 1713, but went in different directions with one becoming an English military officer with the other assuming duties as Archbishop of Canterbury. First Norwegian of the day who was one of the first five people to reach the South Pole, along with being a skier born in Telemark – Olav Bjaaland was a kicker in 1873. Reginald Carey ‘Rex’ Harrison, luvvie of stage and screen managed to escape in 1908. Inventor of instant noodles, instant ramen and Cup Noodles, Momofuku Ando didn’t block his mum in 1910. First President of Zimbabwe (before TIM, ‘That Idiot Mugabe’ took over), Canaan Sodindo Banana started to lead the way back in 1936. Two hit wonder, sometime actor following his younger brother Anthony in the profession, Murray Seafield Saint-George Head would have been born sooner or later in 1946. Fellow singer Clodagh Rodgers started to warm her voice up in 1947. Reggae singer Edmond Montague ‘Eddy’ Grant was born tuff in 1948. Also arriving that year, actress and radio presenter with the annoying laugh, not to mention being ex-paramour of Tim Rice, Elaine Jill Bickerstaff or Elaine Paige entered stage right. Other half to Teller, magician Penn Fraser Jillette left the magic circle in 1955. Youngest brother to the ones with the hairy chests, medallions and bleached teeth, Andrew Roy ‘Andy’ Gibb screeched his way through in 1958. Second set of twins to feature today are Scottish singers (and gingers), Charlie & Craig Reid, otherwise known as The Proclaimers, found they were born innocent in 1964. One half of Little Britain Duo, bald headed chubster Matthew Richard ‘Matt’ Lucas was no longer cold and dark in 1974. Another person born that year, Eva de la Caridad Mendez had a clear history. Other Norwegian of the day, snowboarder Andreas Ygre Wiig was dropping back in 1981.

As for deaths, Pope Lucius I turned his toes up in his Papal slippers back in 254. Composer of song Rule Britannia, Thomas Augustine Arne got his plaque in Covent Garden some 220 years after his death in 1777. American car maker David Dunbar Buick was off the production line in 1929. Leader of the Reds, Isoeb Besarionis Dze Jugashvill or Joseph Stalin, was a bit bolshy dying in 1953. Also not making it through that year, Russian composer of Peter and the Wolf, Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev lost out on the headlines and crowds at his funeral. Virginia Patterson Hensley, or as her fans knew her, Patsy Cline – saw a church, a courtroom before saying goodbye in 1963. Actor known for playing Tonto in television series The Lone Ranger, Harold John Smith or Jay Silverheels was unable to show true grit from 1980. Comedian/actor John Adam Belushi had his last scene at Chateau Marmont in 1982. Finally, Venezuelan el-Presidenti and bestie of ex-Mayor of London Ken Livingstone Hugo Chávez took his leave (permanently) in 2013.


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