Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th March

First up in today’s posting is subject of no less than three films and dubbed ‘the Scottish Robin Hood’, Robert ‘Rob’ Roy MacGregor hijacked his mum’s plans for the day in 1671. Carlo della Torre di Rezzonico, or, as he became known in Roman Catholic circles, Pope Clement XIII was an angelic child from 1693. Inventor of photography and the Pyréolophor (the first internal combustion engine to save you looking it up), Joseph/Nicéphore Niépce was fully exposed in 1765. Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, first President of Czechoslovakia started having realist parties every year from 1850. Composer Joseph Maurice Ravel impressed his parents from 1875. Norwegian of the day, Olympic medal winning speed skater Ivan Eugen Ballangrud had the right of way in 1904. Aristocratic photographer and ex-husband to Princess Margaret Windsor, Anthony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones saw through the viewfinder in 1930. Ex-wife to convicted fraudster Jim Bakker, who got people to donate to his lifestyle via his television channel, Tamara Faye LaValley ‘Tammy’ Bakker Messner prophesied her birth in 1942. Ex-CEO of The Walt Disney Company, businessman (as opposed to cartoonist), Michael Dammann Eisner is doing slightly better than Bambi who also premiered in 1942. Adventurer and endurance record holder Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, didn’t have an epic entrance to the world in 1944. Member of family group, The Isley Brothers – Ernest ‘Ernie’ Isley has been between the sheets since 1952. Cricketer Isaac Vivian Alexander ‘Viv’ Richards has made it to 65 not out. Hindi actor Anupam Kher arrived without prompting in 1955. Comedy actor taken too soon from us, Richard Michael ‘Rik’ Mayall learnt how to be a little sod from 1958. Second Czechoslovak to be mentioned today, ex-tennis player and coach to ‘Moody Murray’, Ivan Lendl took the drop shot in 1960. Singer/songwriter born Leslie Wunderman but books studio time under the name Taylor Dayne, was unable to wait any longer in 1962. Ex-squeeze of Prince Ted and then John Gordon-Sinclair, thespian Valentine Ruth ‘Ruthie’ Henshall was centre stage in 1967. Fellow actress and Mrs D. Craig, Rachel Hannah Weisz found the mummy in 1970. Not actor Robert Vaughn’s son (as he thought), film director and Mr C. Schiffer, Matthew Allard Robert Vaughn who now goes by the name Matthew Allard de Vere Drummond has been kicking ass since 1971. Irish rugby union player who’s stopped a few countries lifting various trophies, Ronan John Ross O’Gara had his first ankle tap in 1977.

The deaths paragraph kicks off with Michelangelo dei Conti or Pope Innocent XIII who became Pope Stiff CCXLIV in 1724. Eleven time Prime Minister of France, Aristide Briand assumed incumbency at the local graveyard in 1932. Continuing the political theme, Greek Prime Minister Andreas Michalakopoulos was permanently exiled in 1938. Yoga and meditation guru born Mukunda Lal Ghosh or Paramahansa Yogananda found total peace in 1952 at the unlikely surroundings of Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Harris Glenn Milstead, otherwise known as overweight transvestite Devine, strutted his stuff for the last time in 1988. Film director Stanley Kubrick found his eyes wide shut in 1999. Known for his role in A Hard Days Night, before popping up on various television quiz shows, John Francis Junkin was a handful of dust from 2006. Finally, trumpet player Kenneth Daniel Ball went mute in 2013.


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