Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 9th March

Tsar Alexis I is the first of a few Russians to feature today given he entered the world in 1629. Next Russian, leading light in the Soviet government and old Bolshevik with a petrol bomb named after him, Vyacheslav Mikhailovich Molotov threw himself into things back in 1890. Actor known for playing Grandpa Walton in television series The Waltons, William Aughe Ghere or Will Geer, didn’t get a moving violation whilst being born in 1902. Novelist Frank Morrison Spillane, who went by the pen name of Mickey Spillane, found the long wait was over in 1918. Large scarf wearing 19th President of Bangladesh, Mohammed Zillur Rahman presided over events in 1929. Third Russian of the day, space cadet being the first person in space, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin found gravity in 1934. Ex-team captain of the English Rugby Union team as well as being team captain on second rate quiz show ‘A Question of Sport’, William Blackledge ‘Bill’ Beaumont was out of the blood bin in 1952. Irish terrorist and bread/water enthusiast Robert Gerard ‘Bobby’ Sands had his first meal in 1954. Gold lamé suited singer and international smoothie who fronted 1980’s band ABC, Martin David Fry was more down than up today in 1958. Actress Juliette Stalens Binoche was breaking and entering in 1964. Another ex-captain of the English Rugby Union team, Martin Osborne Johnson didn’t have the medical joker deliver him in 1970.

First dead Norwegian of the day, Sverre Sigurdsson – King of Norway, eased off on the crown wearing from 1202. Physicist known for Oersted’s Law, Hans Christian Ørsted lost his magnetism in 1851. Second dead Norwegian of the day, skier Sondre Auverson/Norheim went downhill in 1897. Founder of Reki, Mikao Usui forgot the breathing bit in 1926. Older sister to Amsterdam loft dweller Anne, Margot Betti Frank put the last entrance in her diary in 1945. Born Azer Youssef Atta before being known as Abba Kyrillos VI and then Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria found he started to miss the sunshine from 1971. Sixth Prime Minister of Israel, Menachem Begin finished his life in 1992. Known for his round glasses and cigars, Nathan Birnbaum or George Burns, just made it to 100 before keeling over in 1996. Rapper Christopher George Latore Wallace who went by the slightly hipper street name of The Notorious B.I.G. didn’t get one more chance after 1997. Secretary of State for War, and subject of film over the scandal he was implicated in, John Dennis Profumo found his time was up in 2006. Doris ‘Granny D’ Haddock who was mentioned on 24th January when she set off on her adventures, here she is again given she reached her destination in 2010. Finally, record producer and unofficial fifth Beatle, Sir George Henry Martin took the title ‘Live and Let Die’ a little too literally in 2016.


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