Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10th March

Today’s posting begins with handbagging suffragette Katherine Wilson ‘Kate’ Sheppard who started struggling in 1847. Actor for over 40 years, Barry Fitzgerald had his parents bring up baby from 1888. Assassin of Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray started out in 1928. Deluded and alleged corrupt ex-President of FIFA with a penchant for wearing a plaster on his face, Joseph ‘Sepp’ Blatter entered at half time in 1936. Actor/martial artist, Carlos Ray ‘Chuck’ Norris was a force of one in 1940. Also born that year, one half of surfing group Jan & Dean, Dean Ormsby Torrence started the baby talk. Avril Phædra Douglas ‘Kim’ Campbell – 19th, and only female Prime Minister of Canada, (for all of five months), held more than the balance of power in 1947. Also born that year, ex-top cop in London, Paul Leslie Condon started his beat. Previous Prime Minister of once decent country Zimbabwe, Morgan Richard Tsvangirai democratically changed his parents lives in 1952. Once the world’s most wanted terrorist and founder of al-Qaeda, Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden blasted through in 1957. Actress Sharon Yvonne Stone famous for one particular scene has had total recall of her birth since 1958. Olympic medal winning gymnast with the rather unfortunate surname, Mitchell Jay ‘Mitch’ Gaylord bounded into life back in 1961. Singer Neneh Mariann Karlsson or Neneh Cherry as she’s now known, had an inner city mama in 1964. Also born that year is Queenie’s third boy, ex-Marine cadet (lasting all of a third of his training), production assistant (read tea boy) for Andrew Lloyd-Webber and founder of Argent Productions, Prince Edward Anthony Richard Louis Windsor – The Earl of Wessex has gradually slipped down the rankings since then. Rapper Timothy Zachery ‘Tim’ Mosley (or just Timbaland), who seemingly can write a song without nicking bits from others has been keeping it real since 1972. Leggy model famed for an advert featuring another ‘ahem’ part of her body, Eva Herzigová fell down for the first time in 1973. Co-founder of micro-blogging site Twitter Christopher Isaac ‘Biz’ Stone, didn’t get an upgrade in 1974. Following in the footsteps of his old man, act tor Rafe (the posh way of saying Ralph), Spall had beginners luck in 1983.

We see Roman emperor Tiberius Claudius Nero start the deaths paragraph as he eased off the grapes in 37. Pope Simplicius hung his cassock up for the last time in 483. First King of Bosnia Stephen Tvrtko I didn’t have to hear people trying to announce his last name after 1391. John Stuart, 3rd Earl of Bute – Prime Minister of Great Britain, had a loss of supply of oxygen in 1792. Person who launched and operated the Pony Express across the western part of America, Joseph Alfred ‘Jack’ Slade de-saddled in 1864. 44th Prime Minister of Japan (for eight months), Kijūrō Shidehara was into pacifism even more after 1951. Second Japanese person to be mentioned, microbiologist responsible for pro-biotic drink Yakult – Minaru Shirota obviously didn’t take old age into account of his product when he died in 1982. Short lived General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Konstantin Ustinovich Chernenko didn’t get to see any more parades in Red Square from 1985. Bleached toothed, hairy chested, medallion wearing singer who was mentioned five days ago, Andrew Roy ‘Andy’ Gibb just made his 30th birthday in 1988. Dad to actors Beau and Jeff, actor Lloyd Verne Bridges Jr., was more under the tombstone than being west of it in 1998. World Champion Grand Prix motorcycle road racer, Barry Steven Frank Sheene horizontally parked in 2003. Part fingered comedian fond of having a Scotch, David Tynan O’Mahony or just Dave Allen, took his God with him in 2005. Finally, prog rocker (read over long dirge musician) who was one third of Emerson, Lake & Palmer – Keith Emerson has been watching over you since 2016.


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