Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 11th March

King of Burma – Bodawpaya or Badon Min started out in 1745 answering to the name of Maung Shwe Waing, and starts today’s posting. For those of you with a sweet tooth, you should salute sugar magnate and art enthusiast Henry Tate, who would probably be having cake in celebration of his birth in 1819, (if he hadn’t died in 1899). Land/speed record holder, (and prominent Reigate resident) – Malcolm Campbell experienced a speedy birth in 1885. King Frederick IX of Denmark started wearing little sailor costumes from 1899. Previous captain of the Indian cricket team, Vijay Samuel Hazare got his first run a year or so after his birth in 1915. Ex-singer of The Red Flag, Labour leader and British Prime Minister with the pipe and nasal drone, James Harold Wilson, didn’t elect to be born in 1916. Controversial newspaper/media owner who took a step back from the phone hacking scandals affecting his titles, Keith Rupert Murdoch can’t deny being born in 1931. Dad to cook Nigella, oh, and previous Chancellor of the Exchequer who’s now found in various parts of the House of Lords, (but mainly the restaurant), Nigel Lawson started counting his blessings in 1932. Singer Robert Keith ‘Bobby’ McFerrin Jr., didn’t worry, he’s happy being 67. Creator of Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Noel Adams, hitched a ride in 1952. Person behind the voices of Donatello and Raphael from 90’s sensation Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (yawn), Robert Fredrick ‘Rob’ Paulsen III wasn’t in detention from 1956. Frizzy haired actress Alexandra Elizabeth ‘Alex’ Kingston didn’t need ER when born in Epsom, (Surrey) Hospital in 1963. Person who doesn’t know if he’s an actor, singer or television game show host, ex-blue coat at Pontin’s (says a lot), Shane Patrick Roche but now known as Shane Richie, was in skins when delivered in 1964. Flamboyant interior designer who used to do 60 minute makeovers (hmm), Laurence Roderick Llewelyn-Bowen changed rooms in 1965. Another showbiz person who’s not too sure whether to be an actor, singer, presenter or writer, John Scott Barrowman made his debut in 1967. Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb was waiting for Wednesday to be born in 1968, but settled for Monday instead. Philip John Clapp Jr., who’s better known as Johnny Knoxville took a few years from 1971 to become a jackass. Former captain of the Ivory Coast football team before getting a pay rise after joining Chelsea, Didier Yvette Drogba Tébily obviously wasn’t too good to go down in 1978. Extensively tattooed identical twins Benjamin Levi ‘Benji’ and Joel Rueben Combs/Madden, singers and guitarist with Good Charlotte were more than one of those little things in 1979. Co-singer with Beyoncé and the other one, LeToya Nicole Luckett found her destiny fulfilled from 1981.

Death wise, it’s a pretty quiet day and we start with Benjamin Waugh – vicar and founder of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children who was mentioned on the 20th February when he was born, here he is again given he probably had some of his hymns sung at his funeral in 1908. Petrie dish fan and founder of penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming obviously wasn’t as immune to things as he thought, given he died in 1955. Also dying that year – Oscar Mayer founder of meat and cold cut production company named after him, became cold meat himself. Inventor of plastic bricks which are extremely painful when trodden on with bare feet in the dead of night (Lego), Ole Kirk Christiansen deconstructed himself in 1958. Alleged war criminal who was President of Serbia, Slobodan Milošević did everyone a favour by rolling over in 2006. Sandy haired comb over king and sports commentator David Anthony ‘Tony’ Gubba dropped his microphone in 2013. Finally, firebrand lefty union leader with the permanent sneer, Robert ‘Bob’ Crow took the ultimate strike action in 2014.


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