Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th March

After reporting the demise of two Popes yesterday, I’m pleased to announce we start today’s posting with Antonio Pignatelli, or Pope Innocent XII who didn’t fight nepotism in 1615. Whig party member who could have done with a wig whilst being British Prime Minister before having a blend of tea named after him, Charles Grey – 2nd Earl Grey or Viscount Hawick strained his way through in 1764. Norwegian of the day, landscape artist Hans Fredrik Gude saw the world in portrait back in 1825. Astronomer who started the discovery of Pluto, Percival Lawrence Lowell was more than a twinkle in his parents eyes from 1855. Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, founder of ‘alternative’ religion – Scientology, obviously wasn’t stressed about being born in 1911. One half of song writing duo Lieber & Stoller, Mike Stoller didn’t know that many words in 1933. Older sis to Aretha, Erma Vernice Franklin earned some respect in 1938. Fellow singer with the woman’s voice, Neil Sedaka started to circulate in 1939, whilst in 1940 Canzetta Marie ‘Candi’ Staton, (not Staten as in island), found her young heart run free. One time children’s television presenter, now found buzzing about the place in a mini cab, Geoffrey Hayes didn’t bungle his birth in 1942. Also born that year, scat singer John Paul Larkin, or ‘Scatman John’, decided to take his time during birth. Boxer József Kreul ‘Joe’ Bugner thankfully didn’t adopt the southpaw stance when delivered in 1950. Actress Linda Robson wasn’t a celebrity but wanted to get out of there in 1958. Bass player in self righteous band U2, Adam Charles Clayton was a mere boy in 1960.

As for deaths, they appear to be a bit thin on the ground, but we start with rod holding, ermine cape wearing Christian VII King of Denmark and Norway who stopped using hair curlers in 1808. Solider and inventor of munitions shell bearing his name, Lieutenant General Henry Shrapnel fragmented himself in 1842. Alexander II – Emperor and Autocrat of all the Russias, not to mention King of Poland and on his days off, Grand Duke of Finland – was unable to dodge the assassins bullet in 1881. 23rd President of the United States of America, Benjamin Harrison didn’t get to bury himself in 1901. Tribhuwan Bir Bikram Shah, King of Nepal – the one with an airport, road, football tournament etc named after him, found his life over in Zurich in 1995. Inventor of the chicken nugget, Robert C. Baker went somewhat foul in 2006. Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah, third President of Sierra Leone was 100% dead in 2014. Finally, actress Adrienne Corri took a journey into darkness in 2016.


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