Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 15th March

Long faced seventh President of the United States of America – Andrew Jackson, kicks off the births paragraph today given he slaved away in 1767. Not to be outdone, British Prime Minister William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne (the one with a city in Australia named in his honour), voted with his feet in 1779. First Norwegian of the day was also the country’s first Prime Minister of independent Norway, (whilst not heading up his fleet of ships), Peter Christian Hersleb Kjerschow Michelsen made it to the bitter end of labour in 1857. Second Norwegian, who was credited (incorrectly) with inventing the paper clip, Johan Vaaler kept things together when delivered in 1866. Irish born American actor, George Brent gave his mum a fair warning over his arrival in 1904. Having mentioned Grand Prix driver, (who amassed an impressive five points throughout the entire 1956 season) when he died in February, here’s Horley (Surrey) born Jack Fairman again given he loosened his grip in 1913. Broadcaster/journalist Selwyn Charles Cornelius-Wheeler, was above the fold after his birth in 1923. Drummer for Elvis Presley, Dominic Joseph Fontana didn’t find being born too much in 1931. Television evangelist (read donation grabber), before being embroiled in various sex scandals in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Jimmy Lee Swaggart joined the communal family in 1935. Also born that year, Armenian clown Leonid Georgievich Yengibarov found himself star of the show. Co-founder of The Beach Boys, Michael Edward ‘Mike’ Love had good vibrations in 1941. Singer/songwriter born Sylvester Stewart but known as front man to Sly and the Family Stone – Sly Stone, took a year or so from 1943 to stand. Fellow musician Ryland Peter ‘Ry’ Cooder hasn’t lamented on being born in 1947. Model found on slushy romance novel covers, Fabio Lanzoni started to melt his mum’s heart in 1961. Singer, (well more shouter) to music, born Terence Trent Howard before finding fame as Terence Trent D’Arby and now known as Sananda Francesco Maitreya, was wishing his birth went well in 1962. One hit wonder before scraping the lower reaches of the charts, Kennedy William Gordy who went by the name Rockwell, definitely had someone watching him during his arrival in the world back in 1964. Another Mrs R. Stewart, model Penny Lancaster shimmied her way through in 1971. Founding member of band Black Eyed Peas and judge on some ‘talent’ show, William James Adams Jr., who’s known as will.i.am, (which obviously sounds better than b.ill) was behind the front in 1975. Actor Jae-bum Takata but known as Brian Tee drifted through in 1977. Another Surrey born (Reigate) racing driver and older bro to Max, Thomas James ‘Tom’ Chilton careered out in 1985.

As for deaths, probably the most famous Roman to have lived – Julius Caesar didn’t get to have any further toga parties after 44BC. Pope Zachary left the faithful wanting more in 752. 1145 (as in year, not time), saw Pope Lucius II join the growing party in the sky. Credited with creating the sewage system in London, England (and rather ironically he was the great, great grandfather of crap television producer Peter), Sir Joseph William Bazalgette relieved himself of all duties in 1891. Prussian general officer in the Imperial German Army during the First World War, Otto Ernst Vincent Leo von Below lived up to his surname given he was underneath a gravestone from 1944.
Founder, owner and first coach of the Harlem Globetrotters, Abraham ‘Abe’ Michael Saperstein was unable to score a moving violation from 1966. Shipping magnate Aristotle Socrates Onassis slipped away in 1975. Benjamin McLane Spock best known for his book on baby & child care, but not his Olympic gold medal for rowing at the 1924 Paris games not only got to bury the blade in 1998. English actress and presenter of the Sunday ‘God slot’ on BBC, Dame Thora Hird obviously didn’t get the emergency call in soon enough in 2003. Convicted assassin and estranged dad to actor Woody, Charles Voyde Harrelson got to leave Florence ADMAX USP prison (in a box) back in 2007. Finally, one half of the Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa Theresa Philomena Aileen Mary Josephine Agnes Elsie Trilby Louise Esmeralda Dickson Wright probably ran out of breath trying to say her name in 2014.


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