Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 16th March

Having started yesterday’s posting with an American President, so does today’s – this one the fourth incumbent of the office, (and first of twelve children) James Madison Jr., planted himself on the planet in 1751. Navigator/cartographer being the first person to sail around Australia, who’s now not only got a train station but also a street in Melbourne named after him for his efforts, Matthew Flinders made a landmark entrance to the world in 1774. Emperor Ninkō of Japan wasn’t a shrinking violet after birth in 1800. Reza Shah Pahlavi, Shah of Iran had his own coup d’état in 1878. Actor Harrison Edward Ford, (no, not that actor Harrison Ford) but star of silent films, was smilin’ through his birth in 1884. Dick Tracy actor Morgan Conway worked out the best day to be born in 1903. Mate of Hitler who selected who lived and died at Auschwitz, Josef Mengele started following orders in 1911. Whilst on the subject of Hitler, his secretary Gertraud ‘Traudl’ Junge (née Humps), made her entrance in 1920. Also born that year, star of dull legal series ‘Rumpole of the Bailey’ Reginald ‘Leo’ McKern had a balanced upbringing. Sidekick to Dean Martin, comedian Joseph Levitch before going onto rename himself – Jerry Lewis’s parents found there were three on the couch from 1926. American game show host Charles Herbert ‘Chuck’ Woolery didn’t have cold feet over being born in 1941. Co-star of CHiPS Henry Enrique ‘Erik’ Estrada rode pillion in 1949. Another police actor, this one PC Tony Stamp from The Bill – Graham Cole (Man-Smith) was one of the usual children from 1952. Geordie actor/singer born James Michael Aloysius Bradford but known professionally as Jimmy Nail, didn’t have to spender another day waiting to be born in 1954. Rapper William Jonathan Drayton Jr., who’s known by the slightly hipper moniker ‘Flavor Flav’ started the surreal life from 1959. Another person born that year – Norwegian of the day, ex-Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg had the approval of his family. Comedian Jenny Clare Hargreaves, who must like chocolate covered choux dough with some cream in the middle given she goes by the name Jenny Eclair, was a grumpy young baby in 1960. Singer/songwriter Tiffany Cobb aka Blu Cantrell, started to breathe in 1976.

It appears to be another quiet(ish) day on the deaths front, that said, Sir Anthony St. Leger – Lord Deputy of Ireland left it a few years after his death in 1599 until his name was associated with a horse race. President of esteemed Ivy League university – Harvard, Benjamin Wadsworth took his final intake (of breath) in 1737. One of the few animals to feature here is bull terrier Sergeant Stubby who helped the Americans out in WWI, found his walkies somewhat curtailed from 1926. Spanish dictator Dom Miguel Primo de Rivera y Orbaneja gave up his afternoon sherry from 1930. Thomasina Winifred Montgomery, the Motown singer who duetted with Marvin Gaye and is probably better known as Tammy Terrell swopped her turntable for a grave to spin in back in 1970. Fellow singer (with The Shangri Las) Mary Ann Gasner, also died in 1970 finding she could no longer go home anymore. Blues singer Aaron Thibeaux ‘T-Bone’ Walker was feeling more than blue in 1975. Dad to ex-royal toe sucker Sarah, Major Ronald Ivor Ferguson suffered his final time out in 2003. Actor known for portraying Captain Birdseye, John Hewer was unable to smell something fishy in 2008. Frank Thornton-Ball known for playing Captain Peacock in classic BBC sit-com Are You Being Served? and Truly in not so classic BBC sit-com Last of the Summer Wine, found that’s your funeral in 2013. Finally, Francis Wayne ‘Frank’ Sinatra Jr., who followed his old man into singing, wasn’t afraid the masquerade was over in 2016.


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