Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 18th March

We start today’s posting with Frederick III, King of Denmark & Norway who launched his great assault with his birth in 1609. Not only the 22nd President of the United States but also the 24th, John Caldwell Calhoun found himself a popular baby in 1837. Inventor of car engine bearing his name, Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel kept it clean (in front of his parents) from 1858. Paper waver and British Prime Minister just before World War II, Arthur Neville Chamberlain got the dispatch just right in 1869. Co-founder of ‘wine’ maker bearing his name on the bottles, Ernest Gallo was fully fermented in 1909. State President of South Africa – Frederik Willem de Klerk experienced separation issues with his mum in 1936. Indian actor Shashi Kapoor was born in the heat and dust of Calcutta in 1938. Also born that year, one of 13(!) children, (so you can tell there wasn’t any television back then), entertainer and golf course hogger with his mates, Kenny Lynch had his downswing just right. Football player/manager, Ronald Frederick ‘Ron’ Atkinson started kicking about in 1939. Singer/songwriter Wilson Pickett didn’t wait until the midnight hour to be born in 1941. Snooker player Alexander Gordon ‘Alex’ Higgins aka ‘Hurricane Higgins’, had the double kiss off his mum in 1949. Having mentioned his (business) partner a mere four days ago, here’s the other half of wacky ice cream maker Ben & Jerry, as Bennett ‘Ben’ Cohen went small in 1951. Film director Luc Besson left the subway in 1959. Also born that year, two hit wonder Irene Cara Escalera didn’t quite find fame upon her arrival. Saxophone player (among other instruments), Courtney Pine started blowing wind from 1964. Very tall 6ft 7ins (or 2.01m in new money), gaudy sock wearing entrepreneur who features on Dragon’s Den/American Inventor, Peter Jones seized the day in 1966. Dana Elaine Owens or Queen Latifah, set it off in 1970. Singer/songwriter with Maroon 5, Adam Noah Levine was nearly moving like Jagger in 1979. Norwegian of the day, Olympic medal winning biathlete Tora Berger slid out in 1981.

There don’t appear to be many deaths to report on today, and after an absence of Popes over the past few days, Pope Honorius III did the honourable thing and shuffled off in 1227. First Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (and first occupant of No.10 Downing Street), Sir Robert Walpole went through the closure motions in 1745. Contender for moustache of the year, King George I of Greece failed to reach the finals in 1913. Keeping with the Greek theme, Prime Minister Eleftherios Kyriakou Venizoles liberated himself in 1936. Fez wearing King Farouk of Egypt and the Sudan didn’t haggle over his death in 1965. Known for her last role in The Sound of Music, Mary Margaret ‘Peggy’ Wood lost the right to live in 1978. Another King, this one Umberto of Italy, never got to the end of his piece of spaghetti in 1983. Scandal ridden member of The Mamas & the Papas, John Edmund Andrew Philips stopped stepping out in 2001. Co-founder of frozen food manufacturer Harrison McCain cashed his chips in 2004. Film director Alan Minghella was more than the English patient in 2008. Actress and Mrs L. Neeson, Natasha Richardson followed in Sonny Bono’s tracks in 2009. Finally, Siaosi Tāufa’āhau Manumataongo Tuku’aho Tupou or just King George Tupou found life in the even slower lane from 2012.


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