Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 20th March

We start the births paragraph with first Norwegian of the day, writer (and owner of some very fine mutton chops), Henrik Johan Ibsen became a pillar of society from 1828. Painter John Lavery framed his entrance in 1856. Patriarch of acting dynasty and deep red supporter, Michael Scudamore Redgrave came out from behind the mask in 1908. Eighth President of Austria Rudolf Kirchschläger began wearing his lederhosen from 1915. Forces sweetheart with the Cockney rhyming slang for gin, Vera Margaret Lynn (née Welch), had such a day in 1917. Rainford Hugh Perry, or to give him a slightly hipper moniker, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry emerged from the secret laboratory in 1936. 18th Prime Minister from the land of maple syrup and Mounties, Martin Brian Mulroney was first past the (bed) post in 1939. Keeping with the political theme, ex-British cabinet member, Timothy Stephen Kenneth Yeo was a bit more reserved when introducing himself in 1945. Also born that year, author/broadcaster Jay Ingram started showing his quirks and quarks. Son to three time F1 champ Jack, Geoff Brabham came out for clean air in 1952. Shelton Jackson ‘Spike’ Lee has yet to make a documentary about blowing candles out on birthday cakes given he’s now 60. Actress Holly Hunter has been living out loud since 1958. Not tantric sex God who fronted late 70’s/early 80’s band The Police who now makes a living playing the lute, but WWE (whatever that is), wrestler Sting or Steve Borden Sr., entered the ring of life in 1959. Actor known for his role in dull film franchise Harry Potter, David Thewlis was no longer afraid of the dark after 1963. Crying, recovering drug addict/alcoholic footballer who’s not Gazza, but Paul Merson, was delivered with a clean sheet in 1968. Second Norwegian of the day, singer Winta Efrem’s parents were obviously a bit confused over the time of year their daughter was born in 1984.

As for deaths, Pope Clement III doesn’t disappoint given he slipped his sandals off in 1191. King Henry IV of England and Lord of Ireland took up residence in Canterbury Cathedral back in 1413. Brewer Sir Benjamin Truman started the secondary fermentation process in 1780. Inventor of Portland Cement, Joseph Aspdin ended up encased in his product from 1855. Adelheid Emma Wilhelmina Theresia of Waldeck and Pyrmont, Queen of the Netherlands and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg found herself in even lower land from 1934. Previous American sex symbol and touring pal of Bob Hope, Marvel Marilyn Maxwell saw more than three men in white coats this day back in 1972. Grace Hefner, mum to founder of Playboy magazine, (plus associated clubs etc) Hugh, gave up on trying to get him out of his PJ’s and dressing gown in 1997. Second ex-queen of the Netherlands, Juliana Louise Emma Marie Wilhelmina had to make do with tulips on her coffin in 2004. Indian actor born Uppu Sobhana Chalapathi Rao, who changed that to Sobhan Babu stopped greasing his hair in 2008. Also not making it through that year, actor Brian George Wilde who played Mr Barraclough in classic sit-com Porridge and ‘Foggy’ in not so classic sit-com Last of the Summer Wine, was the man that died. Sports commentator and mate of Frank Bruno, Harry Carpenter hit the ropes in 2010. Climbing buddy to Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, making it up Mount Everest with them in 1953, Wallace George Lowe found himself in a different bivvy-bag from 2013. Large scarf wearing Mohammed Zillur Rahman, President of Bangladesh who was mentioned on 9th March when he was in the top paragraph gets another mention today given he ended his days in Singapore four years ago. Activist Thomas Glenn Jolley wasn’t that jolly about dying in 2014. Finally, twenty second Prime Minister of Australia, John Malcolm Fraser was defeated in 2015.


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