Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 20th March

Scottish fans of deep fried Mars Bars will be pleased to hear Forrest Edward Mars Sr., deigned us with his presence in 1904. Oldest son of John Rockefeller, the rather imaginatively named John Rockefeller III was a refined child in 1906. Older brother in the Gallo vineyards, Julian Gallo blended in well (unlike his wine), from 1910. Engineer responsible for the Boeing 747, Joseph Frederick ‘Joe’ Sutter had take off in 1921. ‘B’ movie director, Russell Albion ‘Russ’ Meyer nearly had a heavenly body when born in 1922. Ex-British government minister with the gold mane and nickname ‘Tarzan’ who’s recently been sacked as an advisor over the Brexit debate – Michael Ray Dibdin Helsetine had his first coupe d’état in 1933. Football (soccer) player and manager, Brian Howard Clough was a striking baby in 1935. Large framed singer James Solomon McDonald, or just Solomon Burke – found he can make it if he tries in 1940. Having mentioned her band mate Sly Stone on the 15th March, here we have Rosemary Stewart, who’s known as Rose ‘Rosie’ Stone, found herself already motivated for birth in 1945. Dimpled chinned Bond actor, Timothy Peter Dalton saw the living daylights in either 1944 or 1946. Singer/songwriter and former co-frontman to Supertramp, Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson has had his birthday indelibly stamped on his mind since 1950. Norwegian of the day, runner Ingrid Kristiansen (née Christensen) went the distance in 1956. Actor and serial marrier, Gary Leonard Oldman wasn’t the unborn from 1958. F1 champ named after a British bank note, Ayrton Senner (da Silva) was banking on being born in 1960. Star of classic 80’s film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Matthew Broderick, was out on a limb back in 1962. Member of defunct band Ace of Base, Jonas Petter Berggren gave the sign in 1967. Also born that year, chubby faced television presenter Adrian Chiles had his first audience. Second Norwegian of the day, cross country skier Marit Bjørgen adopted the classic technique during birth in 1980.

Sadly, there are no Popes to report on the death front today, but we do have have Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer was rather unceremoniously burnt at the stake in 1556. Star of Disney animated film, born Matoaka, then known as Pocahontas before going onto answer to Rebecca Rolfe found herself end up in a Gravesend (Kent, England) graveyard way back in 1617. Author of book Swiss Family Robinson, Johann David Wyss lost the plot in 1830. Non sombrero wearing first President of Mexico, José Miguel Ramón Adaucto Fernández y Félix, who also went by the name Guadalupe Victoria, took his last shot of tequila in 1843. Member of family firm bearing their name, Samuel Courtauld was thread bare in 1881. We have Frederick Winslow Taylor to thank for the advent of ‘seagulling’ (swooping in, crapping on people and then disappearing) management consultants, although he ignored his own advice from 1915. Harry H. Corbett who got a mench has on the 28th February when he was born, gets his second go today as he obviously wasn’t the unstoppable man in 1982. Having mentioned firebrand actor Sir Michael Redgrave only yesterday in honour of his birthday, here he is again given his cake was barely digested when he took his leave in 1985. Guitar manufacturer Clarence Leonidas ‘Leo’ Fender didn’t amplify his death in 1991. Actor John Benjamin Ireland became the phantom of Hollywood in 1992. Vicar and writer of Thomas the Tank Engine books, Wilbert Vere Awdry/Reverend W. Awdry shunted off in 1997. Straight man to Eric Morecombe – Ernest Wiseman, who managed to cut that down to Ernie Wise, didn’t get to see the join again after 1999. Actor of various 1950 war films, Anthony Maitland Steel was unable to get that much earth in his pockets from his grave in 2001. Dead Norwegian of the day, journalist and dad to Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Sven Olaf Bjarte Høiby found the invites to the palace dried up in 2007. Singer/songwriter responsible for theme tune to dull long running Australian soap opera Neighbours, Yvonne Burgess – but known as Jackie Trent, stopped receiving her royalty cheque in 2015.


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