Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th March


Today’s posting begins with Queen of Denmark and Norway, Sophie Amalie of Brunswick-Lüneburg initially masqueraded in 1628. Inventor of the marine chronometer, John Harrison got his bearings in 1693. Born Erik Weisz, later to become known as Ehrich Weiss, then Harry Weiss before settling on Harry Houdini found things a bit slippery in 1874. Scandal ridden silent film star, Roscoe Conkling ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle was camping out in 1877. Co-creator of Mickey Mouse Ubbe Eert ‘Ub’ Iwerks saw things in 3D from 1901. One half of notorious crime duo Bonnie & Clyde, Clyde Chestnut Barrow aka Clyde Champion Barrow was on the run (from his parents) a year or so after birth in 1909. Actor Nicholas Peter ‘Richard’ Conte was full of life in 1910. Having mentioned William Hanna’s demise a couple of days ago, here’s his mate Joseph Roland ‘Joe’ Barbera who started clowning around in 1911. Actor of stage, screen and television, Murray Hamilton headed toward the unknown in 1923. Iconic actor Terence Steven ‘Steve’ McQueen was a bullitt baby in 1930. Controversial historian David John Cawdell Irving has been unable to deny his birthday from 1938. Ex-flogger of car aerials and second rate computers who now has a group of grown ups reciting, ‘Morning Lord Sugar’ like school children every morning, Alan Michael Sugar was the apprentice in 1947. Singer/songwriter Nicholas Drain ‘Nick’ Lowe has been a party of one since 1949. American fashion designer who looks like camp English entertainer Larry Grayson – Thomas Jacob ‘Tommy’ Hilfiger had his first cut and sew moment in 1951. Transvestite artist/potter and biker, Grayson Perry/Claire (depending which day it is), hopefully won’t ruin his frock when eating cake in celebration of his 57th birthday. Also born in 1960, rather haggard looking actress Kelly Le Brock and German one hit wonder, Gabriele Susanne Kerner or Nena, was an old school baby. Cricketing mate (and drinking partner) of Merv Hughes, Dean(o) Jones had the right approach in 1961. Having mentioned one of her sisters when it was her birthday, it seems only right to give a shout out to band mate and sibling, Sharon Helga Corr started screeching in 1970. Known for her roles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, How I Met Your Mother and the American Pie films, Alyson Hannigan was a rug rat in 1974.

As for deaths, we see Tommaso Parentucelli or Pope Nicholas V put his Papal ring down in 1397. Rotten toothed Queen Elizabeth I of England and Ireland, vacated the throne in 1603, much to the relief of James I. Having mentioned John Harrison, above, here he is again given he’s a member of the exclusive club of those who died on their birthday, with him departing in 1776. Writer with an expensive restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, Jules Gabriel Verne didn’t have to refill his ink well after 1905. Queen consort of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions along with being Empress consort of India, Mary of Teck found her head a bit lighter without the tiara from 1953. Sometime Reigate resident (in a bunker on the hill), two badged Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery retreated in 1976. Actor Shalom ‘Sam’ Jaffe found nothing lasts forever in 1984. Singer Harold Melvin didn’t get to hang on in there from 1997. Having mentioned champion darts player John Thomas ‘Jockey’ Wilson a couple of days ago, here he is again given it was game over in 2012. Finally, odd looking comedian Garry Emmanuel Shandling left the hurlyburly behind in 2016.


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