Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 25th March

Today’s posting begins with Arnošt of Pardubic, Archbishop of Prague who must have consulted the astronomical clock before being born in 1297. Not the toga wearing grape munching Roman emperor, but Surrey cricketer – Julius Caesar bowled out in 1830. Sculptor responsible for Mount Rushmore, (who was mentioned a couple of weeks ago in the deaths paragraph), John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum began to carve out a living from 1867. Best known for playing undertaker/Private Fraser in classic BBC sit-com Dad’s Army, John Paton Laurie was a happy go lovely baby in 1897. Serial marrier and film director David Lean had great expectations from 1908. Assassin of assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald, Jacob Leonard Rubenstein or Jack Leon Ruby sparked into life back in 1911. Second Dr. Who and first actor to prance about in green tights as Robin Hood on television, Patrick George ‘Pat’ Troughton didn’t get to travel back in time once born in 1920. Founder of Domino’s Pizza, Thomas Stephen ‘Tom’ Monaghan didn’t keep anyone waiting in 1937. Soul singer Aretha Louise Franklin got some respect when born in 1942. Also making his debut that year, bald headed oddball transgender writer of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and ex-presenter of The Crystal Maze, Richard O’Brien. Not to be outdone by these two, controversial television personality Patricia Mary McKenzie, also known as Kim Woodall had a clean delivery. A year later in 1943, non-singing, non-box crusher Paul (Manfred) Michael Glaser crashed through. Latter day Liberace and hair weave fan Reginald Kenneth Dwight, or ivory tinkler from Pinner, Middlesex – Elton Hercules John struck the right chord in 1947. Band mate of St. Vitus’ dance sufferer Bobby Farrell in Boney M, Maisie Ursula Williams, had a cool dad in 1951. Long faced actress Sarah Jessica Parker must have been full of glee at being born in 1965. Blind guitarist/singer mentioned on 2nd March when he died, Norman Jeffrey ‘Jeff’ Healey slid through in 1966. Songwriter and winner of five Ivor Novello awards, Catherine Roseanne ‘Cathy’ Dennis scored her first number one in 1969.

Deaths include not quite Pope, Pope-elect Stephen II must have put the smoke makers at the Vatican in a quandary given he went up in smoke himself in 752. Afonso II, King of Portugal found things a bit chillier in a box from 1223. Camp looking long curly haired Frederick I of Sweden, was even more powerless from 1751. Pioneer of hypnotism, James Braid found himself under a very deep sleep from 1860. Composer Claude-Achille Debussy must have been less than impressed with his predicament in 1918. Hard drinking actor known for his role in Long John Silver, Robert Newton got to find out whether dead men are dangerous from 1956. Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudia Arabia didn’t have to worry which Rolls Royce to take out from this day in 1975. Test pilot and first one to fly supersonic plane Concorde, Brian Trubshaw went sub-sonic in 2001. World Cup commentator, Kenneth Wolstenholme found it really was all over in 2002. Dead Norwegian of the day, actor Pål Bang-Hansen gave his best dying performance in 2010. Finally, Indian actress Nanda made sure she didn’t receive any further calls from her agent after 2014.


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