Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th March

First up today is fez (or is it a tarboosh?) wearing, waxed moustached, King Faud I of Egypt and Sudan who was from the Muhammad Ali dynasty and must have managed to get the first punch in in 1868. Founder of Italian fashion brand bearing his name, Guccio Gucci bagged the right to be born in 1881. Older bro to Adolf Dassler, (founder of sportswear brand Adidas), Rudolf Dassler – founder of sportswear brand Puma, hot toed it in 1898. Writer of plays A Street Car Named Desire and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Thomas Lanier ‘Tennessee’ Williams III had a period of adjustment after birth in 1911. Support actor to both John Wayne and Paul Newman, Strother Douglas Maher nearly strode into the scene in 1919. Sci-fi (yawn) actor with the odd look and ears, Leonard Simon Nimoy boldly went where millions have been before when he was born in 1931. Singer Diana Ernestine Earle Ross (minus her Supremes), found baby love in 1944. Rubber lipped frontman to Aerosmith and Mick Jagger pretender, Steven Victor Tallarico or as he’s better known Steve Tyler, pumped his way through in 1948. Singer Theodore DeReese ‘Teddy’ Pendergrass found the gift of life in 1950. Founder of organisation with people walking up and down subway trains whilst dressed in red with excessive badges, Curtis Silwa had his guardian angel overlooking him in 1954. Fan of baseball caps with his name emblazoned across it, ex-Leader of the House of Commons and First Secretary of State, (to name but two positions), William Jefferson Hague had the comparative advantage in 1961. Co-founder of data gathering behemoth that is Google, Laurence Edward ‘Larry’ Page got his logarithms right in 1973. Actress Keira Christina Knightley bent it like Beckham in 1985.

Dead Norwegian of the day, Sigurd I Magnusson/Sigurd the Conqueror, King of Norway heads the deaths paragraph given he conquered death in 1130. Not to be outdone, Sancho I, King of Portugal forsook the sunshine for a cooler setting in 1212. Non-inventor (and death penalty opposer) of the guillotine, Dr Joseph-Ignace Guillotine spliced out of life in 1814. Composer Ludwig van Beethoven failed to get an encore in 1827. Patriarch to the Barrymore acting dynasty, Herbert Arthur Chamerlayne Blythe or Maurice Barrymore corpsed in 1905. Scandal ridden Liberal Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Lloyd George, 1st Earl Lloyd-George of Dwyfor was dispatched in 1945. Noted wit and actor (among other things), Sir Noël Peirce Coward found he went to a magnificent party in 1973. Spying art historian for the red team, Sir Anthony Frederick Blunt had his final assignment at the crematorium in 1983. One half of computer hardware company Hewlett-Packard, David Packard suffered a catastrophic failure in 1996. William Jan Berry, opposite half to Dean Ormsby Torrance, found dead man’s curve in 2004. Useless ex-British Prime Minister Leonard James ‘Jim’ Callaghan, Baron Callaghan of Cardiff thankfully rolled over in 2005. Also not making it through that year, drummer with Split Endz/Crowded House Paul Newell Hester wasn’t locked out. Finally, Indian actress who found time to feature in more than 2500 films, Sukumari saw the credits role for the last time in 2013.


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