Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 28th March

And here’s the updated version – I’ll make sure tomorrow’s posting is complete..!

We start today’s posting with Joseph William Bazalgette the sewage engineer who was mentioned in the other paragraph on 15th March when he died, gets a second mention given he didn’t kick up a stink over his birth in 1819. Writer Alexei Maximovich Peshkov who went by the pen name Maxim Gorky came to the conclusion being born in 1868 wasn’t so bad after all. Part of the brewing empire, August Anheuser ‘Gussie’ Busch Jr., barrelled along in 1899. Queen consort of Denmark – Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louisa Margareta was just Ingrid of Sweden in 1910. Actor with the long name, Derek Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde who made Dirk Bogarde out of that, found he had an appointment in London back in 1921. First indigenous Australian to become a member of the Australian Parliament, Neville Thomas Bonner filled a casual vacancy in 1922. Long running chat show inquisitor Michael Parkinson, found his voice in 1935. Welsh windbag with the ginger comb-over with a penchant for Brighton Beach, ex-Labour Party leader who went onto join the Euro gravy train, Neil Gordon Kinnock turned out in 1942. Best known for having his hands up both Sooty & Sweep’s bottoms, puppeteer Peter Graham ‘Matthew’ Corbett pulled the strings in 1948. Member of rap group Salt-n-Pepa, Cheryl R. ‘Salt’ James pushed it real good in 1966.
Indian born ex-captain of the English cricket team, Nasser Hussain didn’t stump his parents in 1968. Rotund not terribly amusing comedian/film actor, Nicholas John ‘Nick’ Frost found himself the star in 1972. Top weirdo pop sensation and latest Madonna wannabe, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta or Lady GaGa as she’s known to her fans, was cheek to cheek with her mum in 1986.

As for deaths, Simon de Brion/Pope Martin IV kept his appointment with the reaper in 1285. Continuing the religious theme, second of the ten Sikh Gurus, Guru Angad said his ‘Waheguru’ in 1552. Tsar of all the Russias and Grand Prince of Moscow, Ivan IV Vasilyevich or Ivan the Terrible, or even Ivan the Fearsome wasn’t so scary from 1584. Writer Adeline Virginia Woolf (née Stephen), left a haunted house in 1941. Piano hitter and composer Sergei Vasllievich Rachmaninov was more than A-flat major in 1943. Not content with being a five star general (so not like McDonalds then), Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in the Second World War and 34th President of the United States of America, Dwight David ‘Ike’ Eisenhower found he didn’t have to polish his medals from 1969. For the people suffering coulrophobia, they will be pleased to hear Emmet Leo Kelly, aka (and no sniggering please), Weary Willy took his final bow in 1979. Born Maria Augusta Kutschera before going onto become Maria Augusta von Trapp or Baroness von Trapp inspiration for singing film ‘The Sound of Music’ had her ‘So Long, Farewell’ moment in 1987. Also not making it through that year, is Dr. Who actor who was mentioned the other day, Patrick Troughton didn’t regenerate. Actor from various Westerns, Robert J. Wilke was the sheriff of sundown 1989. Game show announcer/host, Arthur Simeonovich Efimchick who was known as Art James lost his concentration in 2004. Another person dying that year, noted wit and raconteur Peter Alexander Ustinov hasn’t manage to recount this day. United States Secretary of Defence, Caspar Willard ‘Cap’ Weinberg became a ghost himself in 2006. Dead Norwegian of the day, actress Eva Wenche Steenfeldt Stang who went by the name Wench Foss, lost the life and death battle in 2011. Finally, large framed actor who played everyone’s favourite uncle (Monty), Richard Griffiths has had more than an afternoon off since 2013.


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