Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 29th March

Irish politician John Ponsonby starts things off today, although it took him a year or so after 1713 to become a speaker. Composer Supply Belcher (yes, that really was his name), had wind from 1751. Tenth President of the United States of America, John Tyler probably could have done with a whig in 1790. Not to be outdone, 14th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Edward Smith-Stanley joined the party in 1799. Swopping politics for religion, (two of the three things you should never mention in the pub/bar), Tsultrim Gyatso 10th Dalai Lama of Tibet started gathering his followers from 1816. Architect Edwin Landseer Lutyens had his footprint taken in 1869. 18th Prime Minister of Australia, John McEwen didn’t have a foster father in 1900. Antique expert and broadcaster Arthur George Negus would be celebrating his 114th birthday, if he hadn’t handed on the family heirlooms in 1985. Actor Phi Lip ‘Philip’ Ahn wasn’t a stowaway after 1905. Founder of both Walmart and Sam’s Club, Samuel Moore ‘Sam’ Walton opened for business in 1918. Not wanting to leave anyone out, here’s second President of Estonia Lennart Georg Meri who led the independence movement within his family in 1929. Norman Beresford Tebbit, government minister throughout most of Margaret Thatcher’s tenure of Great Britain will probably be using his bike to steady himself given he’s 86. Actress/singer and Cockney’s favourite, Ruby (Florence) Murray had her very first Christmas of all in 1935. Sharing the same year of birth, in 1943 are the following: classic comedy actor Eric Idle – who’s been anything but, grey (not to mention Currie) loving ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom John Major and Greek electronic musician Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou who started the humus. Two hit wonder, Terrence Ross ‘Terry’ Jacks wasn’t quite born just like that in 1944. Older bro to actor David, newsreader/television presenter John Suchet arrived on cue in 1944. Actor Brendan Gleeson was on the edge of tomorrow in 1955. Singer Patricia Jean ‘Patty’ Donahue served herself up in 1956. Mountaineer Barry Blanchard had Elvis legs after being born in 1959. Hopefully Elle ‘The Body’ MacPherson won’t have scoffed all the cake at her 53rd birthday party. Small, bald and shouting ‘investigative’ journalist Dominic ‘Dom’ Littlewood wasn’t faking it in 1965. Actress from Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucille Frances ‘Lucy’ Lawless (née Ryan) started having bedtime stories read to her from 1968. Tear away tennis player Jennifer Maria Capriati rallied for the first time in 1976.

Death wise, poor old Pope Stephen IX got to see about eight months of
Popeing before he rolled over in 1058. Leading light in the Methodist movement and writer of 6,000 hymns, younger brother to John – Charles Wesley didn’t get to hear any of his works at his funeral in 1788. King Gustav III of Sweden left his hair curlers out from 1792. South Pole explorers on the Scott expedition: Henry Robertson Bowers, Edward Adrian Wilson and Sir Robert Falcon Scott were all cold in 1912. Dead Estonian of the day, architect Olev Siinmaa managed to the dimensions right for his coffin in 1948. Film mogul and flour (though some might say dour) merchant, Joseph Arthur Rank, 1st Baron Rank called it a wrap in 1972. Composer/conductor Annunzio Paolo Mantovani, was dead of Tunbridge Wells in 1980. Eric Eustace Williams, Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago death in 1981 reduced the islands population by one. Jeanine Deckers aka ‘The Singing Nun’ found she wasn’t a star in heaven from 1985. Actor/animal rights activist William Inge Lindon-Travers or just Bill Travers, was the one dead not two living in 1994. James Harry ‘Jimmy’ McShane, singer with one hit wonder band Baltimora, wasn’t going to be swinging about the stage again after 1995. Dead Norwegian of the day, explorer Helge Marcus Ingstad found his activities somewhat curtailed in 2001. Finally, composer and dad to synth king Jean-Michel, Maurice Jarre was an honorary member of the dead poets society from 2009.


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