Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths – 31st March

Today’s posting begins with Giovanni Angelo Medici or Pope Pius IV as he was known to his cardinals, sinners/congregation and had his birthday confirmed from 1499. Not to be outdone, second of ten Sikh Gurus, Bhai Lehna or Guru Angad as his followers knew him started his dharam yudh in 1504. King Henry II of France held the balance of power in 1519. Another Pope, this one Prospero Lorenzo Lambertini or to give his Papal name, Pope Benedict XIV was Extra Omnes in 1675. Baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach tuned in back in 1685. King of Denmark & Norway, Frederick V of Denmark started wearing his own hair in 1723. Another composer (Franz) Joseph Haydn had a clean sheet in 1732. Victorian civil engineer with the moustache, Benjamin Baker worked his way out in 1840. Inventor of the two stroke engine, Dugald Clerk was patted in 1854. Actor George Richard Chamberlain was the deputy from 1934. Musician and band leader Herp Albert was in tune with his mum back in 1935. Diminutive ex-leader of the Liberal Party in the United Kingdom, before they experienced helping to ruin, (sorry run), the country – David Martin Scott Steel had a good alliance with his parents from 1938. Ronald Walken or actor Christopher Walken arrived in the nick of time in 1943. 45th Vice President of the United States of America, Albert Arnold ‘Al’ Gore Jr., started contributing to global warming in 1948. Having mentioned Dermot Morgan (or Father Ted), on 28th February when he had his final communion, here he is again given his mum probably let out some ungodly terms during his birth in 1952. Eternal schoolboy with rock band AC/DC, Angus McKinnon Young must be in remedial class given he was born in 1955. Olympic medal winning wheezer, Roger Anthony Black was out of the starting blocks in 1966. Act tor Ewan Gordon McGregor had a little voice in 1971. Co-founder of micro blogging site Twitter, Evan Clark Williams was a start up himself in 1972.

Deaths include, among many others, King Francis I of France who was whinging about the weight of his crown before he croaked it in 1547. Keeping with old European royalty, King Philip III of Spain, Portugal and the other Hapsburg territories found he didn’t need another ruff from 1621. Johann Christoph Bach and great uncle to Johann Sebastian Bach (mentioned above) signed off in 1703. Physicist/mathematician Sir Isaac Newton dropped everything, thereby proving his point in 1727. Classic artist John Constable saw his last scene, the ceiling, in 1837. Scribbler of various books and older sis to Anne and Emily, Charlotte Brontë took the literal meaning of ‘deadline’ in 1855. Banker John Pierpont ‘J.P.’ Morgan had his final withdrawal in 1913. Indian actress born Mahjbeen Bano, but known as Meena Kumari saw the lights fade in 1972. Accomplished four time Olympic medal winning athlete, (much to Adolf Hitler’s disgust), James Cleveland ‘Jesse’ Owens took the long jump in 1980. Founding member of family group The Isley Brothers, O’Kelly Isley Jr., didn’t get to shout again after today in 1986. 20th Prime Minister of Australia Sir William ‘Billy’ McMahon found the crem was even hotter than Potts Point in 1988. Son of actor/martial artist, Bruce Lee – Brandon Bruce Lee who was a, err, actor and martial artist, didn’t leave a legacy of rage in 1993. Comedy writer (before Points of View), Barry Took found he had a permanent retirement from 2002. Not one of my old teachers from secondary school, (as far as I know), but equipment manager for University of Kentucky’s baseball team, William ‘Bill’ Bond Keightley was run out in 2008. President of Argentina, Raúl Ricardo Alfonsín revoked his right to live in 2009. Haulage director Edward Stobart had his last Yorkie bar in 2011. Lead guitarist with Australian band Chocolate Starfish, Zoran Romic went into the fire in 2012. Other half to Ronnie Barker, small comedian known for his large chair, rambling jokes, Pringle jumpers and adjustment of his glasses, Ronald Balfour ‘Ronnie’ Corbett was as tall lying down as standing in 2016.


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