Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 2nd April

Prince George of Denmark and Norway, (who also tacked on Duke of Cumberland to that title), kicks proceedings off today given he started to let his hair grow in 1653. Adventurer/novelist and noted lothario Giacomo Girolamo Casanova began having women coo over him from 1725. Children’s writer Hans Christian Andersen made his debut in the emperor’s new clothes back in 1805. Early American car manufacturer Walter Percy Chrysler made the right turn in 1875. Distinguished act tor Alec Guinness de Cuffe was a majority of one from 1912. Three time F1 champ and founder of racing team bearing his name, John Arthur ‘Jack’ Brabham was on slicks in 1926. Gauloises smoking singer, (along with all the other stuff he did), Lucien Ginsburg but known to the world as Serge Gainsbourg certainly didn’t hold up proceedings in 1928. Slap head actor/wrestler Brian Glover had a day out in 1934. Having mentioned Marvin Pentz Gay Jr., only yesterday when he died, here he is again as he must have wondered what’s going on in 1939. Quintessential English actress Penelope Anne Constance Hatfield, aka Margot Leadbetter or Penelope Keith started to tread the boards in 1940. Indian actor Roshan Seth found he had broken thread in 1942. Singer of various dull songs, Emmylou Harris started a brand new dance whilst being delivered in 1947. Pop music encyclopaedia and non guilty radio DJ, Paul Gambaccini spun round for the first time in 1949. Alleged drug taking athlete with the famous ‘lunchbox’ Linford Cicero Christie went the distance in 1960. One third of 80’s girl group Bananarama and partner to Andrew Ridgeley, Keren Jane Woodward had her wow! moment in 1961. Rodney King, the man picked on by LAPD back in 1991, thereby sparking the riots was born in 1965, only to die (minus the help of LAPD), in 2012. German comedian (yes, it appears they have them too), and television host Alexander Duszat or ‘Elton’ dropped by in 1971. Actor Michael Fassbender wasn’t weightless in 1977.

Deaths are again somewhat thin on the ground today, but we do start with old school Prince of Wales and Duke of Cornwall – somewhat surprisingly it’s not Chas, but Arthur Tudor who also answered to Earl of Chester, made the acne disappear aged 15 in 1502. Co-inventor of dot, dash, dot, dot, dash code Samuel Finley Breese Morse gave his final signal in 1872. Overdressed Empress of Ethiopia, Zewditu, had some weight lifted from her shoulders in 1930. Cricketer/Maharaja H. H. Jam Saheb Shri Sri Ranjitsinhji Vibhaji of Nawanagar had the death overs in 1933. Novelist Cecil Louis Troughton Smith who went by the pen name Cecil Scott ‘C.S.’ Forester suffered the nightmare of dying in 1966. Prime Minister before taking a step up to President of France, Georges Jean Raymond Pompidou didn’t get to finish his term given he keeled over in office back in 1974. Non-singing singer with Milli Vanilli, Robert ‘Rob’ Pilatus found it was all or nothing in 1998, whilst in 2003 Edwin Starr found it ain’t fair. Having not featured a Pope for the past few days, we see Karol Józef Wojtyła or Pope Saint John Paul II take his last ride in the Pope mobile in 2005. Finally, wife of puppeteer Jim – Jane Henson (née Nebel), found her strings cut in 2013.


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