Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 3rd April

For those of you who follow old Kings of England, you’re in luck today given Henry IV or Henry of Bolingbroke and Lord of Ireland asserted his claim to this date from 1367. Short story writer known for ‘Rip Van Winkle’ and ‘The Sleepy Hollow’, Washington Irving had a secondary story going from 1783. Alcide Francesco De Gasperi 30th Prime Minister of Italy, found himself in his mum’s shadow from 1881. Actor Leslie Howard Steiner known for his role in Gone with the Wind, was no longer the bump after 1893. Norwegian of the day, Prime Minister Per Borten didn’t canvass opinion about which day to be born in 1913. Not wanting to be outdone, Netherlands (as opposed to Dutch) 35th Prime Minister of the country, Petrus Josef Sietse ‘Piet’ de Jong was lijsttrekker for being born in 1915. Actress Doris Mary Ann Kapplehoff who’s probably better known as Doris Day, began life in 1924 and it’s fair to say it hasn’t been a calamity. Also born that year, actor Marlon Brando Jr., who wasn’t quite the ugly American. Having mentioned funny speaking, pipe smoking, tape recording leading red flag waving politician Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn on 14th March when he met his maker, here he is again given he started to keep an eye on things in 1925. Other half of cooking duo, the Two Fat Ladies (and with the shorter name than the other one), Jennifer Mary Patterson served herself up in 1928. Ex-German Chancellor Helmut Josef Michael Khol established his own union with his mum in 1930. William Jan Berry, one half of surfing singing duo Jan & Dean, started riding life’s waves in 1941. Also born that year, founder of BASE jumping – Carl Ronald Boenish took a leap of faith. Singer Michael Anthony Orlando Cassavitis who abbreviated that to Tony Orlando, was half way to paradise in 1944. Actress who started out in films (The Railway Children), before graduating to sit-coms, Sally Thomsett was the baby about the house in 1950. American game show host, Raymond Neil ‘Ray’ Combs Jr., didn’t cause a family feud being born in 1956. Oldest of the Baldwin acting brothers, Alexander Rae ‘Alec’ Baldwin III saw birth as a prelude to a kiss in 1958. Fast talking actor/comedian Edward Regan ‘Eddie’ Murphy was the golden child in 1961. Doped up cyclist (and funnily enough Tour de France winner), Bjarne Lykkegård Riis started the wheel of life in 1964. Ex-leader of spent party UKIP, Nigel Paul Farage has held exclusive parties for the few since 1964. Simon Cowell puppet (sorry, protege), Leona Lewis found her lungs in 1985. Wife of hair weave and granny prostitute fan Wayne, Coleen Mary Rooney (née McLoughlin), kicked proceedings off in 1986.

Death wise, (according to various experts), it appears today is the day Jesus Christ started to look on the bright side of life from his cross in AD33. Giacomo Savelli or Pope Honorius did the honourable thing and followed his master in 1287. Artic and Antarctic explorer, Sir James Clark Ross made it back to Aston Abbotts Buckinghamshire in England before losing his magnetism in 1862. Subject of (another) terrible Cher song, Jesse Woodson James put his gun down in 1882, only to find himself shot in the head for his troubles. Composer/piano player Johannes Brahms took his last tinkle in 1897. Not only the builder of the Savoy Hotel/Theatre, but also person who introduced Gilbert & Sullivan (so we have him to thank for their work), Richard D’Oyly Carte entered the happy world in 1901. Founder of Pan American Airways, Juan Terry Trippe had his last journey, to the morgue in 1981. Novelist Arthur Graham Greene entered the potting shed in 1991. Writer of stage play Oliver! Lionel Bart died in 1999, although it’s doubtful he had ‘That’s Your Funeral’ played at his. Kung Yu Sum or Nina Wang, Asia’s richest woman (apparently), did her sums and keeled over at 69 in 2007. Finally, comic strip artist responsible for the Flash Gordon strip Fred Kida found his superpowers ran out in 2014.


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