Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 5th April

Today’s posting starts with benefactor of the Collegiate School in the colony of Connecticut, prior to it being renamed in his honour – Elihu Yale started educating his parents from 1649. Pioneer of antiseptic surgery Joseph Lister, gave his mum birth pains in 1827. Major star (apparently) during the Hollywood golden years, Spencer Bonaventure Tracy found his new world from 1900. One armed actor known for his role in The Fugitive, Carl William Raisch raised his hand in 1905. Actress who always looked like she was chewing wasps, Ruth Elizabeth ‘Bette’ Davis had the big shakedown in 1908. Producer of various James Bond (yawn) films, Albert Romolo ‘Cubby’ Broccoli lived and let die from 1909. Actor born John Elton Le Mesurier Halliley, but better known by the abbreviated John Le Mesurier, found a time to be born in 1912. One of the world’s favourite actors, (between the 1940’s and 1960’s, when he obviously fell out of favour), Eldred Gregory Peck had an omen about being born today in 1916. President of South Vietnam, Nguyễn Văn Thiệu revolutionised his parents lives from 1923. Singer with The Platters, Tony Williams wasn’t quite the great pretender from 1928, whilst a year later in 1929 actor Nigel Hawthorne found his destiny calling. Frank John Gorshin Jr., who portrayed The Riddler on live version television series of Batman, was between heaven and hell in 1933. 65th United States Secretary of State and retired four star general in the United States Army, Colin Luther Powell marched forth in 1937. Cake queen and actress Jane Asher was a dream child back in 1946. 14th President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo duly elected to be born in 1947. The blonde one out of ABBA, (no, not Björn), but Agnetha Fältskog had her arrival in 1950. Inventor of two wheeled scourge found in various cities around the world, the Segway – Dean L. Kamen took a year or so after birth in 1951 to get his balance right. Older sis to Keith Chegwin, ex-trolley dolly and graveyard shift DJ on BBC Radio 2, Janice Long hits 62. Journalist Sri Krishnan Guru-Murthy was a cub from 1970. Singer/songwriter Pharrell Lanscilo Williams performed for the first time in 1973.

People not making it through the day include, among others, rosy cheeked King of Sweden Charles XI was relegated to the dead millions in 1697. Parents friend by promoting Sunday Schools, Robert Raikes didn’t get to finish his homework after 1811. English cricketer with the almanac named after him, John Wisden collapsed in 1884.
Designer of not only The Flying Scotsman but also the Mallard, Sir Herbert Nigel Gresley ran out of steam himself in 1941. Multi millionaire, low flying pilot and OCD fanatic, Howard Robard Hughes Jr. didn’t get to wash his hands again after 1976. Sam Walton, founder of both Walmart and Sam’s Club who was mentioned on 29th March checked out in 1992, without getting any loyalty points. Superhero of the unwashed, grunge meister Kurt Dinald Cobain joined the ’27 Club’ in 1994. Another singer, Gene Pitney has been perpetually 24 hours from Tulsa since 2006. Gun enthusiast born John Charles Carter but finding fame as Charlton Heston never did get to see his tombstone in 2008. Banjo player in Irish group The Dubliners, Bernard Noël ‘Banjo Barney’ McKenna, was dead plain and simple from 2012, also joining him that year was founder of amp manufacturer bearing his name, James Charles ‘Jim’ Marshall turned it down to zero. Finally, another person expiring that year, grandson to Ferdinand Porsche, the imaginatively name Ferdinand Alexander Porsche was unable to carry on.


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