Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 7th April

We begin today’s posting with Lorenzo Corsini, or Pope Clement XII as the Vatican had him on their payroll, started out as a mere laity in 1652. Poet, (one step up from people writing limericks), William Wordsworth made a resolution with independence after being born in 1770. Archbishop of Canterbury Randall Thomas Davidson, prayed to be delivered in 1848. Founder of cereal company bearing his name Will Keith (W.K.) Kellogg found a ready supply of milk for breakfast, lunch and dinner in 1860. Having mentioned founder of Lego, Ole Kirk Christiansen on the 11th March when he died, here he is again given he started to ‘leg godt’ from 1891. Singer Eleanora Fagan or Billie Holliday as she became known, started getting some fun out of life from 1915. Cushion sitting sitar guru who’s also Norah Jones’ old man, Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury or just Ravi Shankar didn’t string out his birth in 1920. James Scott Bumgarner better known as James Garner or his character Jim Rockford headed toward the unknown in 1928. Cosmetic king Yves Rocher was made up being born in 1930, also arriving that year is actor perennially associated with Manuel the dim waiter in Fawlty Towers, Andrew Sachs began getting the laughs in. Actor Ian William Richardson cried freedom in 1934. Born Mikhail Yuhanna, baptised Manuel Christo but known to his boss and the world as Tariq Aziz, had his first ba’ath in 1936. Film director Francis Ford Coppola became an outsider in 1939. Someone else born that year is comedian/interviewer/game show host and television presenter, (so all bases covered there), David Paradine Frost found he made it through the keyhole. I shall say this only once, Gordon Fitzgerald Kaye would be celebrating his 76th birthday today if he hadn’t died in January this year. Indian actor born Ravi Kapoor but known as Jeetendra, arrived without prompting in 1942. One half of group named after themselves, John William Oates wasn’t out of touch when born in 1949. Chan Kong-sang or martial art actor Jackie Chan was the young master in 1954. Lawyer who was prosecutor of O.J. Simpson, Christopher Darden was sent down in 1956. Singer/songwriter with band half named after him, Simon Crispin Climie has been trying to keep the mystery alive since 1957. Bad tempered actor Russell Ira Crowe spent the next three days in hospital after being delivered in 1964. Artist with no arms, Alison Lapper painted it red in 1965. Another singer from one time boy band Blue, Duncan Matthew James Inglis or just Duncan James started to breathe easy from 1978. Norwegian of the day goes to golfer Suzann Pettersen who had a knee knocker in 1981.

As for deaths, King Charles VIII of France wasn’t quite so affable after 1498. Greek artist Doménikos Theotokópoulos or ‘El Greco’ dropped his brush in 1614. Notorious highwayman Richard ‘Dick’ Turpin found he didn’t have to muck out the stables again from 1739. Showman (and show off), Phineas Taylor ‘P.T.’ Barnum packed his tent away in 1891. Non relation to Del & Rodney, real estate agent and civil rights activist William Monroe Trotter found a piece of land to lie on from 1934. Tenth Prime Minister from the land of spiders, snakes and sun, Joseph Aloysius Lyons found himself the first Australian PM to keel over in office back in 1939. Continuing the political theme, Prime Minister, then President of France, Alexandre Millerand wasn’t such a red after 1943. Car manufacturer Henry Ford made his coffin in his favourite colour, black, in 1947. First President of Zanzibar Abeid Karume lost his power struggle in 1972. David Lance ‘Dave’ Arneson co-creator of dull fantasy game Dungeons and Dragons must have lost the will to live after playing his game in 2009. Finally, daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates with the rather alternative name Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof seemingly overdosed in 2014.


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