Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 8th April

Ancient foreign Royal, Peter I of Portugal kicks the births paragraph off today given he was a ray of sunshine in his parents lives from 1320. Keeping with the foreign royalty theme, King Philip IV of Spain and the other Habsburg territories found he had to ruff it a few years after 1605. As if that isn’t enough, Christian IX of Denmark (the one with the mutton chops and sash across his chest), had to admit defeat in being born in 1818 and Albert Leopold Clemens Maria Meinrad of Belgian actually climbed his way up to become King from 1875. Mountaineer Andrew Irvine, had his feet follow him in birth back in 1902. Norwegian of the day goes to three time Olympic ice skating champ, Sonja Henie scored a perfect 10 with her parents in 1912. Former First Lady of the United States of America and alcoholics favourite Elizabeth Ann ‘Betty’ Ford’s (née Bloomer) folks wet the baby’s head in 1918. First President of once great country Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe), Ian Douglas Smith unilaterally declared independence from his mum in 1919. Actor known for his roles in MacGyver and Knight Rider, Edward Mulhare had the secrets and mysteries taken away from him 1923. Seventh Secretary General of the United Nations, (and it’s not the imaginatively named Boutrous Boutrous Ghali), but Kofi Atta Annan who’s been diplomatic about being born in 1938. Punk fashion designer, different hair colour enthusiast and ex-squeeze of Malcolm McLaren, Vivienne Isabel Swire, but better known by the surname Westwood, didn’t start rebelling until a few years after being born in 1941. Actor Hywel Bennett got in on the act from 1944. Singer/songwriter Brenda Russell (née Gordon) managed to get here in 1949. Icelandic Prime Minister, (not implicated in the last scandal), Geir Hilmar Haarde made good progress having been born in 1951. Having mentioned various other members of the cast from The Dukes of Hazard, here we see Bo Duke or John Richard Schneider have some leverage in 1960. Lower chart botherer who happens to be John Lennon’s son – John Charles Julian Lennon found the secret value of daydreaming from 1963, also born that year is the most capped English cricketer in test matches, Alec James Stewart slipped through. Actress Patricia Arquette was a girl in progress back in 1968. Second Norwegian of the day, orienteerist Holger Holt Johansen found the right way in 1974.

It’s a bit of a quiet day for deaths, but we do start with old French King John II of France or ‘John the Good’ who mumbled his last in 1364. Founder of Otis Elevator Company, Elisha Otis – reached the basement in 1861. Dead Norwegian of the day, rifle shooter Olaf Emil Frydenlund hit his ultimate target in 1947. Spanish artist with the brown finger Pablo Picasso did his last doodle in 1973. Swedish black metaller Per Yngve Ohlin who went by the name, ‘Death’ found his wish come true in 1991.
Having mentioned Vivienne Westwood (above), here’s her ex-partner Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren who chose this day of all days to expire in 2010. Finally, top blue flag wearer and handbag wielding British Prime Minister, Margaret Hilda Thatcher started to go rusty in 2013.


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