Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 10th April

We see King James V of Scotland start today’s posting given he started pouting from 1512. Soldier in the American Civil War and writer of book about Ben-Hur, Lewis ‘Lew’ Wallace was a novel addition to his family in 1827. Bearded timbrel playing teetotaller and Sally Army founder, William Booth found his war cry in 1829. Journalist born Pulitzer József who very thoughtfully renamed himself Joseph Pulitzer didn’t get any prizes for being born this day in 1847. Ex-Finnish President, Kyösti Kallio started out in 1873. Star of M*A*S*H (among other programmes/films), Harry Bratsberg or Harry Morgan as he was also known, had his crash dive moment in 1915. Actor, baseball and basketball star Kevin Joseph ‘Chuck’ Connors hit the bullseye in 1921. Egyptian card player and actor Michel Dimitri Chalhoub, (or as IMDb likes to call him), Omar Sharif remained poker faced at being born in 1932. Motown singer Robert ‘Bobby’ Smith found that’s what girls are made for in 1936. Television presenter who’s been on screen for a good few years, Mary Winifred Gloria Hunniford, was delivered this morning in 1940. Dad to both Louis and Marcel, American author Paul Theroux was blinded by the light in 1941. Actor and bestie of Vladimir Putin, Steven Frederic Segal wasn’t submerged from 1952. Soprano glass breaker Lesley Garrett found her vocal range in 1955. Singer Katrina Elizabeth Lesknich had her parents walking on sunshine after her birth in 1960. Comedian and ubiquitous voice over artist, Edward Cathal ‘Ed’ Byrne came along in 1976, though hopefully he was easier to understand back then. High cheek boned pop princess Sophie Michelle Ellis-Bextor screamed her way through in 1979.

Death wise, Louis the Stammerer was cured of his problem in 879. King of Italy, Hugh of Arles lost his powers in 947. King Frederick I of Denmark, the Vends and the Goths, elected King of Norway never did make it to the land of fjords and thick jumpers as he started his dirt nap in 1533. Credited with commissioning the Gregorian calendar, Pope Gregory XIII found his time was up in 1585. Queen Isabel II of Spain permanently abdicated in 1904. Film pioneer Auguste Marie Louis Nicholas Lumiére unspooled himself in 1954. Fifth, (and forgotten) Beatle Stuart Fergusson Victor Sutcliffe hung his guitar up in 1962. Literary giant Evelyn Waugh became, like the title of one of his books, a handful of dust in 1966. Given other cast members have been mentioned here, it seems only fair Natalie Schafer or Eunice ‘Lovey’ Wentworth Howe from Gilligan’s Island, found the body disappears in 1991. Fourth Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai found eternal peace in 1995. Singer Eva Narcissus Boyd, or Little Eva, chugged off the planet in 2003. Writer of the Adrian Mole diaries, Susan Lillian ‘Sue’ Townsend didn’t get to write her obit in 2014. Cricketer/cricketing commentator Richard ‘Richie’ Benaud timed out in 2015. Finally, drug smuggler and author Dennis Howard Marks, or ‘Mr Nice’ was more ‘Mr Dead’ from 2016.


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