Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 13th April

It looks as though it’s a busier day for births than deaths today, and to this end we start off with gunpowder plotter and popular figure for protestor’s masks, Guido (Guy) Fawkes set the world on fire in 1570. British Prime Minister during the American Civil War Frederick North, 2nd Earl of Guilford didn’t put any peer pressure on being born in 1704. Keeping with the American Civil War theme, third President of the United States of America and main scribbler of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson revolutionised things when born in 1743. Builder of the first full scale working steam engine, Richard Trevithick was stoked at being born in 1771. Founder of ‘Five and Dimes’ shop bearing his name, Frank Winfield Woolworth didn’t get to haggle over which day he was born in 1852. American outlaw Robert Leroy Parker, (or Butch Cassidy), broke out in 1866. Film maker responsible for the first film release in India, Dadasaheb Torne started to project his voice in 1890. Scottish inventor Robert Watson-Watt came on the radar in 1892. 13th Australian Prime Minister, Arthur William Fadden left it a few months from today in 1894 to cross the floor. Having mentioned Alfred Mosher Butts, inventor of Scrabble, back on 4th April when he scored six points by dying, here he is again, also scoring six points having being born in 1899. Novelist/ playwright Samuel Barclay Beckett wasn’t the unnamable in 1906. I’m sure actor Harry Clifford ‘Howard’ Keel would have sung, ‘Oh What a Beautiful Morning’ in celebration of his 98th birthday, but given he’s dead that’s unlikely to happen. Roberto Calvi or the ‘Gods Banker’ who was found dangling from Blackfriars Bridge, found himself dangling from his mum in 1920. Co-creator of Sesame Street, Jon Stone pulled the strings in 1931. Known for his role in The Day of the Jackal (among others), Edward Fox had the squeeze on him in 1937. Black shirt leader’s son and ex-FIA president with an ‘adventurous’ personal life – Max Rufus Mosley is 77 today, though hopefully he won’t celebrate like he did in 2008. Soul singer Albert Leornes ‘Al’ Green wasn’t tired of being alone after being delivered in 1946. Soppy singer Peabo Bryson was closer than close with his mum in 1951. Also born that year is vets assistant and one time Dr. Who, Peter Malcolm Gordon Moffatt, or Peter Davidson, was under the doctor. Chess champion without a chequered past, Gary Kimovich Weinstein/Kasparov didn’t create a blockade given he was born in 1963. German one hit botherer David Lubega who changed his name to Lou Bega hasn’t given it up since 1975.

As for deaths, Paul the Deacon found himself Paul the Dead Deacon in 799. Emperor of Ethiopia, born Kassa Haile Giorgis, baptised Sahle Dingil but known as Tewodros II didn’t get to meet Bob Geldof given he expired in 1868. Greek Prime Minister, Konstantinos Demertzis sunk his last retsina in 1936. Annie Jump Cannon, (an American astronomer and not a circus performer), joined the stellar constellation in 1941. Prince Yasuhiko Asaka of Japan got his servant to hang up his tunic for the last time in 1981. Finally, having mentioned her mum (Gloria Hunniford), the other day in celebration of her birth, here’s her daughter Caron Louisa Keating who dropped anchor in 2004.


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