Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 24th April

Births today begin with William I, Prince of Orange who was also known as William the Silent or William the Taciturn had to start ruffing it in 1533. Founder of demographics despite being a haberdasher by trade, John Graunt was at the top of the chart in 1620. Bearded prolific novelist throughout the Victorian era, Anthony Trollope must have met the Vicar of Bullhampton shortly after his birth in 1815. Electrical engineer Gideon Sundbäck, the person a lot of men curse and equally praise given he was responsible for developing zips as we know them, undid himself in 1880. 45th President of Mexico, Manuel Ávila Camacho didn’t have his mañana moment in 1897. Younger brother to Lucien and dad to Emma (sounds painful), with the hangdog look and monotone voice Clement Raphael Freud was below the belt this day in 1924. Older sister to Warren Beatty, actress Shirley MacLean Beatty was waiting for the light in 1934. Not to be outdone, one of America’s best singers and actresses, (apparently), Barbara Joan Streisand (or just Barbra Streisand) was the main event having been delivered in 1942. Ukulele playing record producer Anthony Edward ‘Tony’ Visconti spun into life back in 1944. Awful French television presenter and alternative fashion designer, Jean Paul Gaultier cut loose in 1952. Ex-toilet cleaner and punk singer, (if you take Happy Talk out of the equation), Raymond Ian Burns or the slightly hipper Captain Sensible entered the fray in 1954. Hughie Green’s daughter and ex-Mrs Geldof with the large arm tattoo, Paula Elizabeth Yates made it through the tube in 1959. Cricketer who paid attention to his sports teacher, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was through the gate in 1973. Also born that year divot maker, Lee Westwood went from inside to out. Gabrielle Nicole ‘Gabby’ Logan was more ‘Gobby’ Logan having joined the other two in 1973. Another golfer, Lydia Ko got into the swing of things from 1997.

As for deaths, we start with Mellitus, Archbishop of Canterbury who converted from living to dead in 624. Not to be outdone by this, Pope Benedict XII made a sede vacante in 1342. Writer of Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Foe/Defoe found himself washed up in 1731. Inventor of cable cars, (in San Francisco) – Andrew Smith Hallidie put the brakes on in 1900. American magician Charles Jordan disappeared in a puff of smoke in 1944. One half of comedy duo Abbott & Costello, William Alexander ‘Bud’ Abbott still didn’t know who was on first base after 1974. Controversial money grabbing thrice married American socialite born Bessie Wallis Warfield, but known as Wallis Simpson, who snagged Edward VIII reluctantly hung her tiaras up in 1986. Central figure of the ANC and reformed terrorist, Oliver Tambo left Nelson to get on with things from 1993. Cosmetic queen Estée Lauder needed a lot more make up to make her presentable until her funeral in 2004. Finally, singer known for his hit ‘Me & Mrs Jones’, Paul Williams who made Billy Paul out of that, was going east rather than heading west last year.


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