Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 26th April

Without wanting to upset anyone, I will merely mention Muhammad, founder of Islam -was born this day in 570CE, (the alternative naming of AD). Peter II King of Portugal and the Algarves probably wasn’t ‘the Peaceful’ when being delivered in 1648. Gardener who co-designed Central Park and the Golden Gate Park, Frederick Law Olmsted had his plans realised in 1822. 17th Prime Minister of New Zealand Joseph George Ward elected to be born in 1856. Deputy Fürher to Austrian nutter Adolf, amateur parachutist and guest of the British government at the Tower of London before going onto spend some time in Spandau Pris, Rudolf Walter Richard Hess made it through the drop zone in 1894. Seismologist and physicist with the magnitude scale named after him, Charles Francis Richter felt the earth move in 1900. Old time comedian/tv/radio host ‘Cheerful’ Charlie Chester timed it just right as he arrived in 1914. Cartoonist responsible for Marvel Comics characters such as Iron Man as well as newspaper comic strips, George Tuska made a splash in 1916. Actor best known for his role as Chief Clancy O’Hara in Batman, Stafford Alois Repp was in live action from 1918. Sports commentator known for his gaffe prone announcements, David Coleman had his work cut out in 1926. Guitar plucker who’s shifted a few million albums over the years, Duane Eddy was moovin’ n’ groovin’ in 1938. Pioneering Italian synth meister Giovanni Giorgio Moroder started to make some noise in 1940. Born Alan James Clarke, but known as actor Warren Clarke was the jewel in his parents crown back in 1947. Buddhist bankrupt ex-girlfriend of Prince Andrew, Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark, aka Koo Stark, will hopefully have enough money to buy a bottle of Spumante and cake in celebration of her 61st birthday. Drummer from 80’s New Romantic band Duran Duran and one time heart throb for a few girls, Roger Taylor entered planet earth in 1960. Born Melania Knavs before changing it to Knauss, but now known as wife to hair weave enthusiast and President of the United States of America, Melania Trump joined the party in 1970. Singer Niomi Arleen McLean-Daley but goes by the moniker Ms Dynamite, knew her father from 1981.

The deaths paragraph starts with another Pope as Pope Stephen II left the balcony vacant in 757. Assassin of Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth finally surrendered in 1865. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson who found himself in God’s way back in 1910. Well respected Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan ran out of fingers and toes to count on in 1920. Founder of Japanese martial art in the Shotokan Karate-Do style, Gichin Funakoshi got more than a black belt in 1957, whilst in 1969 Morihei Ueshiba, founder of other Japanese martial art, Aikido, also chose today to take his final bow. Rose Louise Howick, or to give her burlesque name, Gypsy Rose Lee put the tassels down in 1970, along with American soccer player Charles January who waited until April for full time. Actress from The Beverly Hillbillies Jessie Irene Noblitt who went on to be known as Irene Ryan found herself heading for heaven in 1973. Wrinkled faced (and haired) comedy film actor with the distinctive laugh, Solomon Joel Cohen, but also known as Sid James, didn’t get to carry on after 1976. Big band leader William James ‘Count’ Basie stopped waving his arms about in 1984. Stern faced comedienne Lucille Désirée Ball lost the joy of living in 1989. Journalist Jill Wendy Dando didn’t get to answer her front door again after 1999. Finally, founder of the World Wildlife Fund (original claimant to the initials WWF), ornithologist Edward Max Nicholson, twitched for the last time in 2004.


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