Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 3rd May

We start today’s births paragraph with Renaissance historian (along with everything else he dabbled in), Niccoló di Bernardo dei Machiavelli was a model baby from 1469.
Inventor of tube named after him, Henri Pitot got into the flow of things back in 1695. Revolutionary looking King Charles XV & IV aka Carl of Sweden & Norway started off life as the Duke of Skåne in 1826. Builder of the Savoy Hotel (and theatre) in London, along with being the person we have to ‘thank’ for introducing Gilbert & Sullivan, as well as creating the opera company bearing his name, Richard D’Oyly Carte flexed his vocal chords in 1844. Co-founder of Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services, (or Qantas to those that live in Australia), Fergus McMaster was in the arrival area back in 1879. Actress who finished her career in dull series The Waltons, Beulah Bondy/Bondi had the registered nurse deliver her in 1889. I’m mentioning garish jumper wearing singer Harry Lillis ‘Bing’ Crosby again today given there seems to be some doubt over him arriving either yesterday or today in 1903. Folk singer (yawn) who wailed on various protest songs about pretty much everything, Peter ‘Pete’ Seeger was thrown in with strangers and cousins back in 1919. Founder of Formula 1 team from deepest darkest Surrey (East Horsley to be precise), Robert Kenneth ‘Ken’ Tyrell didn’t wait for the flag to go down in 1924. Another, albeit different singer, James Joseph ‘The Godfather of Soul’ Brown started livin’ in America from 1933. A year later in 1934, heavyweight fighter who doused himself with Brut 33, Henry Cooper had a catcher ready for him. Also born that year, falsetto screecher Francesco Stephen Castelluccio, (or just Frankie Valli), didn’t get to hang on. Wok botherer Ken Hom’s mum got hot under the collar in 1949. Singer songwriter Christopher Charles Geppert, better known as Christopher Cross had a rendezvous with his mum in 1951. Diminutive not terribly amusing comedian Sandra Birgitte ‘Sandi’ Toksvig joined the circuit in 1958. Very fast talking left wing comic and wearer of spangly suits who’s helped create some iconic British comedy over the past 30 years, Benjamin Charles ‘Ben’ Elton was one of the young ones in 1959. Another comedian, actor and mimicker of voices, Robert Brydon Jones, took more than just a minute to be born in 1965. Previous presenter of cars driving round and round a track, (repeat about 150 times) F1 racing commentator Suzi Perry was off the starting grid in 1970. Singer with Destiny’s Child, Farrah Franklin wasn’t a nasty girl from 1981.

The following didn’t get to make it through the day, and we start with Matilda of Boulogne and Queen Consort of England, didn’t manage another booze cruise after 1152. Pope Benedict XIV found his days of hearing odd tales via the confessions booth over in 1758. Tom Clarke, Thomas MacDonagh and Patrick Pearce all paid for their involvement at the Easter Rising by firing squad in 1916. Third President of India, Zakir Husain didn’t have to serve his country after 1969. Founder of Van Doorne’s Aanhangwagenfabriek and Van Doorne’s Automobilefabriek or DAF, Hubert Josef ‘Hub’ van Doorne lost traction in 1978. Continuing the Indian theme (after that little interlude), actor initially known as Fatima Rashid but went by the stage name Nargis, saw the clapperboard come down on her life in 1981. First recognised transsexual woman, George William Jorgensen Jr/Christine Jorgensen didn’t have to trowel the make up on from 1989. Left wing firebrand politician responsible for, among other things, introducing the breathalyser and 70 MPH speed limit on Britain’s motorways, Barbara Castle used the other type of dispatch box in 2002. Actor known for playing ‘the Master’ in Dr Who, Anthony Ainley found it’s dark outside from 2004. Dad to golfer Eldrick Tont ‘Tiger’ Woods, Earl Dennison Woods had his last salute in 2006. Leopoldo Ramón Pedro Calvo-Sotelo y Bustelo, 1st Marquis of the Ría of Ribadeo the Spanish Prime Minister didn’t get to swig any more sangria after 2008. Finally, actor John Cooper Jr., who was better known as Jackie Cooper – thought, ‘what a life’ in 2011.


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