Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 9th May

Famous birthdays include, among others, composer of The Barber of Seville – Giovanni Paisiello seemed to know the score from 1740. Founder of car company bearing his name, Adam Opel had a bit of a movano on whilst being born in 1837. 1860 saw child author, (well before J. K. Rowling took over), and original Peter Pan, James Matthew (JM) Barrie fly into the world. Plunderer of Tutankhamen’s tomb, Howard Carter dug his way through in 1873. Creator of cartoon character Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston or as he was also known Charles Moulton, entered the family circle in 1893. Old style dog trainer Barbara Kathleen Vera Woodhouse (née Blackburn), was unable to sitttt for a good few months after her birth in 1910. Dimpled chinned actor known for his role (and brown tradesman jacket) in Are You Being Served, Arthur Leslie Norman English found himself in a white towel after his birth in 1919. Writer of Watership Down, Richard Adams started leaving gentle footprints about a year after his birth in 1920. Star of various bawdy comedies (and some not so bawdy), Irene Joan Marion Sims carried on regardless in 1930. Bespectacled writer with the scarf and old jacket, not forgetting the lady in the van on his drive, Alan Bennett had a little outing in 1934. Another children’s author who’s shifted over 85 million books, Charles Roger Hargreaves was Master Noisy in 1935. Two actors were born in 1936, the first of which, Albert Finney started to have a good year. The other, red card carrying ex-MP Glenda Jackson entered stage left. One half of soul singing duo Sam & Dave, Dave Prater left a place nobody can find in 1937. Leading Liberal Democrat politician Vincent John ‘Vince’ Cable took the centre line in 1943. Diminutive piano player with a penchant for very tall ladies, William Martin ‘Billy’ Joel may well get to play and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ in celebration of his 68th birthday. Ex-Chipstead (Surrey) resident and mate of Quentin Norman Cook, Paul Heaton should use the happy hour to get the drinks in to celebrate his 55th birthday. Popster from the 1980’s Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot had his curiosity sorted after birth in 1965. Hijacker/pilot of United Airlines flight 175 into the South Tower of the World Trade Centre, Marwan Yousef Mohamed Rashid Lekrab al-Shehhi launched off in 1978.

Death wise, it appears to be another fairly quiet day, yet we start with ancient dead Norwegian royal – Magnus VI Haakonsson King of Norway, found his plot in Bergen Cathedral way back in 1280. Cereal and food manufacturer Charles William ‘C.W.’ Post, went stale in 1914. Sash and soft brush on the shoulder wearer Louis II of Monaco lost his gamble on life in 1949. Dead Norwegian of the day goes to author Jens Bjørneboe who had his final chapter in life when he died in 1976. 38th Prime Minister of Italy, Aldo Romeo Luigi Moro, must have spent a few million lira on his send off in 1978. Iconic mountain climbing sidekick to Edmund Hillary, Tensing Norgay forgot to take his oxygen in 1986. Finally, hair chopper to the stars Vidal Sassoon found the hair drier surplus to requirements from 2012.


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