Famous & Infamous Births & Deaths 14th May

Ermine/sash wearer Adolf Frederick, King of Sweden claimed the absolute right to his birthday in 1710. Landscape painter by numbers, Thomas Gainsborough found realism a reality from 1727. Know all in iconology in the Renaissance era, (sounds thrilling), with the rather unfortunate name, Edgar Wind started passing it from 1900. Film and stage actor who has 50 credits to his name on IMDb, (sadly all in Norwegian), Arve Opshal lifted the curtain on his life in 1921. Non-relation to René, British spy throughout the Second World War born Sonya Esmée Florence Butt, who went by the name Sonia d’ Artois said it more than once that she was born in 1924. Comedian and other half to Wise, John Eric Bartholomew who’s better known as Eric Morecombe, started making people laugh in 1928. Three years later in 1929 (not so great) straight man Henry McGee joined the fray. Born Walden Robert Cassotto but deciding to change his name to something a bit more interesting selecting Bobby Darin, (for some reason) had his oh! look at me now moment in 1936. Posthumous VC medal holder awarded during the Falklands War, Herbert ‘H’ Jones was his mum’s little trooper from 1940. Also born that year, sea dog Charles ‘Chay’ Blyth bobbed along. Immensely successful film director of the Star Wars franchise, (triple yawn), George Lucas became his own Luke Skywalker in 1944. Scottish born American singer, David Byrne wasn’t quite a talking head in 1952. Actor Timothy Simon ‘Tim’ Roth was made in Britain back in 1961, (or 1960 if you take nine months off his birthdate). Actress Nancy Sorel reached the outer limits in 1964. Non-singing singer with miming group Milli Vanilli, Fabrice ‘Fab’ Morvan found it was all or nothing in 1966. Tall, 6ft 8ins (or 2.03m in new money), the taller version of Rik Mayall – Greg Davies wasn’t an inbetweener back in 1968. Actress Catherine Élise ‘Cate’ Blanchett didn’t suffer from the curious case of Benjamin Button when born in 1969. Daughter who followed her dad into the film business, Sofia Carmina Coppola found the bounce board in 1971. Singer Shanice Lorraine Wilson-Knox who goes by her first name, started having her parents turn down the lights from 1973. Also born that year, fellow singer Natalie Appleton has been an all saint. Another singer who’s also an actress and various other showbiz things, born Martine Kimberley Sherri Ponting but goes by the professional name Martine McCutcheon had her perfect moment in 1976. Billionaire co-founder of a little site called Facebook, Mark Eliot Zuckerberg started networking in 1984.

As for deaths, another Pope gave up breathing today – this time Pope John XI I took his permanent leave in 964, and just for impartiality, given more Popes get mentioned than anyone else, third of the ten Sikh Gurus, Guru Amar Dus couldn’t get to meet his maker in 1574. First of two Kings of France (and Navarre) – Henry IV felt more than ruff this day in 1610. Then, in 1643, Louis XIII coughed his last. Another European Royal, this one King Frederick VIII of Denmark held the top job for six years before abdicating in 1912. Henry John Heinz who blew away the competition during life, let out a little gasp in 1919. Actress who portrayed Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the film version of The Wizard of Oz, Mary William Ethelbert Appleton ‘Billie’ Burke became the ghost who came home in 1970. 46th President of Mexico, Miguel Alemán Valdés didn’t get his mañana wish in 1983. Five timed married actress, Margarita Carmen Cansino who cinema goers knew as Rita Hayworth, had her little chair with the name on the back folded up for good in 1987. Ol’ blue eyes and slightly off key singer Francis Albert ‘Frank’ Sinatra found 1998 wasn’t a very good year for him. 84th Prime Minister of Japan, Keizō Obuchi saw the last sunrise in 2000. Finally, legendary blues guitarist/singer, Riley Ben ‘B.B’ King found there must be a better world somewhere in 2015.


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