Chemist, mineralogist and zoologist John George Children was in the singular, so to speak, from 1777 and starts today’s posting. Last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II had his folks raise a glass or two of vodka in celebration of his birth in 1868. Rupprecht, no, not the one from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but Crown Prince of Bavaria made sure his parents never told him off from 1869 given his full title was, His Royal Highness Rupprecht Maria Luitpold Ferdinand, Crown Prince of Bavaria, Duke of Bavaria, of Franconia and in Swabia, Count Palatine of the Rhine. Mathematician and philosopher Bertrand Arthur William Russell was a peaceful baby in 1872. Norwegian of the day, composer with the surname like a typeface – Ole Wingdingstad started to conduct his business from 1886. Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh looked as happy during birth in 1882 as he did later in life. Sash wearing Presidenti of Brazil Eurico Gaspar Dutra’s parents would have done the samba after he was delivered in 1883. Film director Francesco Rosario Capra, or Frank Russell Capra, depending when you met him in life, found it happened one night for him in 1897. Three time Wimbledon winner who also played table tennis but is now better known for his line of clothes, Frederick John ‘Fred’ Perry had his first drop shot in 1909. Having mentioned Pierino Ronald ‘Perry’ Como a mere six days ago when he stopped breathing, here he is again given it certainly was a good day for him in 1912. Probably Reigate’s most famous resident born Margaret Evelyn Hookham, or as she liked to be known, Margot Fonteyn, sprung forth in 1919. Karol Jôzef Wojtyla the Polish Pope, John Paul II had to confess his birthday was today in 1920. Third Prime Minister of Jamaica Hugh Lawson Shearer had a laid back birth in 1923. Gravy train member and ex-Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jacques Santer has had his own party every year since 1937. Stalwart actress of the Harry Potter franchise (double yawn), but better known to me as Lady Whiteadder, from, err, Blackadder – Miriam Margolyes was a rugrat in 1941. Member of World Cup winning team, Norbert ‘Nobby’ Peter Stiles didn’t require extra time when born in 1942. Cape wearing original grumpy old man and prog rocker with dull band Yes, Richard Christopher ‘Rick’ Wakeman will be happy celebrating his 68th birthday. Member of family group, Tavares, Feliciano Vierra ‘Butch’ Tavares was future bound in 1953. 80’s singer with the lisp and different hair colours, Toyah Ann Wilcox got her wish of wanting to be free in 1958. One, (or was it two?) hit wonder, Marta Marrero or just Martika, nearly bounced back in 1969.

Having had a Pope in the births paragraph, it seems only right to have one in the deaths paragraph and to this end, Pope John I obliges given he didn’t have to wash his cassock again after 526. Credited with inventing Bourbon whiskey Elijah Craig headed down ‘Wibbly Wobbly Way’ in 1808. Actor with the mutt by his side, Andrew Allan ‘Andy’ Clyde didn’t get Lassie to tell him he was about to die in 1967. Depressed singer with Joy Division, Ian Curtis was still from 1980. Voice of Yogi Bear, among other Hanna Barbera cartoons, Charles Dawson ‘Daws’ Butler went very quiet in 1988. Actress known for her role in Bewitched, Elizabeth Victoria Montgomery entered the twilight zone in 1995. Not to be outdone by Daws Butler, voice of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Wayne Anthony Allwine didn’t manage to kill the mouse in 2009. Designer of 1970’s classic bike, the Chopper, Alan Oakley took his final spin in 2012. Dead Norwegian of the day, politician Jo Benkow or Josef Elias Benkowitz, abstained from life in 2012. Finally, another politician, this one 12th Prime Minister of South Korea, Nam Duck-woo didn’t manage to dodge death in 2013.


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