Births today begin with Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom, (and no it’s not the current queen, even though she’s knocking on a bit), who turned out to be the seventh child (and third daughter) of King George III and Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz in 1770. Physicist and inventor of not only the first electromagnets but also the first practical electric motor, William Sturgeon sparked into life back in 1783. Stephen Fry looky likey who was into various musical things, Wilhelm Richard Wagner conducted his entrance to the world in 1813. Writer of classic crime capers featuring Sherlock Holmes & Co, (when he wasn’t doctoring on the side), Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle started the memories and adventures from 1859. Fifth Prime Minister of South Africa Daniel François Malan had separation issues from his mum in 1874. Creator of dull cartoon series Tintin, Georges Prosper Remi or to give him his pen name, Hergé, was joined by another English luvvie actor, Laurence Olivier, who arrived without prompting in 1907. Known in America for being the voice of The Price is Right, John Leonard ‘Johnny’ Olson kept his family guessing until his arrival into the world in 1910. Oldest swinger in town and singer, Shahnour Varinag Aznavourian or Charles Aznavour got to star in his first act in 1924. Subject of film starring left leaning actor Sean Penn, Harvey Milk was very happy, (some might say gay), being born in 1930. Band leader and trumpet player Kenneth Daniel ‘Kenny’ Ball was full of wind having also been born in 1930. Theodore John Kaczynski aka ‘The Unabomber’ professed to being born in 1942. Ex-Upper Gatton (Surrey) resident and bar propper in The Chequers Pub, (Walton-on-the-Hill, Surrey), George Best kicked his way out in 1946. Reg Dwight’s mate, Bernard John ‘Bernie’ Taupin started the circle of life in 1950. Camp creosote fan and host of ex-quiz on the National Lottery show, Dale Jonathan Winton dropped by in 1955. Miserablist Manc songster, gladioli swinging Steven Patrick Morrissey, or just Morrissey, won’t be munching on vegetable cake to console himself reaching his 58th birthday. Mobile throwing champion and temperamental ‘super’ model who likes chunky shoes, Naomi Elaine Campbell, launched herself off in 1970. Another slightly different ‘model’, (among other things), Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield who became Jordan, before being known as Katie Price pushed it to the limit in 1978. Current No.1 net avoider and three time winner of Wimbledon along with a few other tennis tournaments around the world, Novak Djokovic rallied in 1987.

As for deaths, they appear to be a bit thin on the ground, but we do start with latter day Julius Caesar – Roman Emperor Constantine the Great/Constantine I/Saint Constantine left it a good few years after his death in 337 to get people excited about him. Pope Alexander VII who took 80 days to become Pope, but found it took only one to die in 1667. King of the Two Sicilies with the jaunty angled hat, Ferdinand II was nearly taken out in 1856, but managed to hang on until 1859. Writer of not only Les Misérables but also The Hunchback of Notre Dame Victor Hugo didn’t get to ring in the changes from 1885. Having mentioned wobbly chinned English actress Dame Margaret Taylor Rutherford a few days ago, here she is again given the curtain came down in 1972. Also not making it through that year is dad to Daniel Day-Lewis, Cecil Day Lewis had his buried day. Wolfgang Reitherman who’s probably not known for his work on various classic Disney cartoons, found himself less than animated in 1985. Lee Jong-wook, sixth Director General of World Health Organisation obviously wasn’t feeling too healthy given he died in 2006. Finally, soldier and drummer Lee Rigby unfortunately found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time in 2013.


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