Today’s births paragraph starts with Giulio do Giuliano de Medici, or as the people in the confessions booth knew him, Pope Clement VII had a legitimate birth in 1478. Norwegian of the day goes to sketcher and painter, Olaf Leonhard Gulbransson who had a decent hair line when delivered in 1873. Born Asa Yoelson but known as Al Jolson who took to blacking himself up and was, (apparently), ‘The World’s Greatest Entertainer’, left his mammy in 1886. Banjolele/ukulele player with t’northern accent, George Hoy Booth but probably better known as George Formby, wasn’t fretting about being born in 1904. Star of various dull western films and regular at Eat at Joe’s Redondo Beach, (worth a visit if you’re ever that way), The Duke – Marion Robert Morrison or John Wayne rolled into town back in 1907. Bushy eye browed rotund actor Robert Adolph Wilton Morley had his curtain up moment in 1908. Long term manager of Manchester United, and it’s not gum chewing hot tempered Alex Ferguson but Alexander Matthew ‘Matt’ Busby cleared the corridor of uncertainty in 1909. Actor known for his role as Tonto in The Lone Ranger, Harold John Smith who went by the name Jay Silverheels, showed true grit in 1912. Regular of Hammer House of Horrors films, Kenley (Surrey), born Peter Wilton Cushing didn’t scare his folks when born in 1913. Known for his trumpet playing Miles Dewey Davis III started trumping in 1926. Part of bickering partner’s group, Fleetwood Mac, Stephanie Lynn ‘Stevie’ Nicks went her own way in 1948. Wearer of garish blazers and chinos whilst travelling around Britain and Europe by train reading an old book, ex-MP Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo steamed through in 1953. Leonard Albert ‘Lenny’ Kravitz the American singer who likes his sunglasses, found it ain’t over till it’s over, (although that could also be used as his epitaph), in 1964. Classic English actress who’s starred in a few of the Harry Potter (yawn) films, Helena Bonham Carter won’t be popping next door to her ex-partners pad for cake in celebration of her 51st birthday. Also celebrating her 51st birthday today is Zola Budd the South African, (or is she British?) barefoot jogger and tripper upper at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark, Count of Monpezat may well crack open a can of Carlsberg Super Brew given he’s reached his 49th birthday. Temperamental singer with The Fugees, Lauren Noelle Hill found the world turns in 1975. Comedian who’s sold out by plugging useless internet provider, PlusNet, (though they should be called MinusNet), Jason John Manford’s parents weren’t off grid spoon whittlers when he was born in 1981.

Death wise, having mentioned Pope Clement VII (above), here’s Augustine of Canterbury, the first ever Archbishop of the Cathedral city who hung his mitre up way back in 604, (or was it 605?). Ancient King of the English, Edmund I ended up at Glastonbury Abbey having been murdered in 946. Eminent diary keeper, (as dairy keeper wouldn’t quite be the same), Samuel Pepys didn’t enter his thoughts from 1703. Bloody neurologist who discovered swearing and tic laden sodding condition bearing his name, Georges Gilles de la Tourette was effin’ brown bread in 1904. Co-founder of clinic using his name, Charles Horace Mayo was spread thinly in 1939. Oldest son of Henry who followed his old man into the family business and also had a range of unsuccessful cars named after him, Edsel Bryant Ford came to the end of his particular road in 1943. Singer with The O’Jays, William Powell, jumped off the love train in 1977. Side kick to Bette Davis in her films, actor George Brent lost the right to live in 1979. Co-founder of scale model car company, Matchbox – Leslie Charles Smith found he needed a bigger box to be carried off in 2005. Grandson of the original Michelin man, Édouard Michelin found his tyres didn’t float in 2006. Finally, 2008 saw film director Sydney Pollack have his eyes wide shut for good.


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