Ancient King of England, Scotland and Ireland Charles II kicks things of today given he was born in 1630. Comedian with a soon to be renamed airport in California bearing his name, sometime (but not that often) amusing Leslie Townes ‘Bob’ Hope was caught in the draught back in 1903. Brewer of gassy beer as well as professing to represent his people as a politician, Hartland de Montarville Molson found his specific gravity in 1907. Probably the most famous Sherpa, born Namgyal Wangdi but better known as Tenzing Norgay struggled his way through in 1914. 35th President of the United States of America, the one with an airport, various schools, bridges and roads named in his honour, John Fitzgerald ‘Jack’ Kennedy democratically decided to arrive in the world in 1917. Non-relation to comedian Frankie, previous scorer on dull fest that is the Eurovision (amongst other things), Caterina Irene Maria Imperiali Di Francavilla who now goes by the name Katie Boyle, Lady Saunders had her parents announce her birth in 1929. Actress and plugger of washing up liquid, Nanette Newman left the pit of darkness in 1934. Eighth President of Pakistan, Farooq Ahmad Khan Leghari started representing himself in 1940. Double denim fan with the fast receding hair line and three cord king on the guitar with Purley’s finest band, Francis Dominic Nicholas Michael Rossi started rockin’ gently in 1949. Composer of overrunning cartoon series The Simpons theme tune, Daniel Robert ‘Danny’ Elfman scored a hit being born in 1953. Unhinged Jodie Foster fan, (obviously not knowing her personal preferences), and Ronnie’s attempted assassin, John Warnock Hinckley Jr. is still eating prison cake on his 62nd birthday. Youngest sister of the family that takes chimps, wearing bowler hats and malfunctioning dresses as the norm, La Toya Yvonne Jackson was free to the world in 1956. Mrs Warren Beatty, or Annette Bening as she’s also known, found the great outdoors a reality in 1958. Potty mouthed actor, Rupert James Hector Everett didn’t suffer hysteria in 1959. Singer/songwriter, noted wit and warring brother Noel Thomas David Gallagher found time flies since being born in 1967. One fifth of the Spice Girls, the girl group that somehow managed to take over the world in the mid to late 1990’s Melanie Janine Brown, probably wasn’t that scary to her parents in 1975. Also born that year is hard to understand and not terribly amusing comedian Sarah Jane Millican, (née King).

As for deaths, armour suited King Christopher I of Denmark seized up in 1259. Wife of small French aggressor Napoleon I Joséphine de Beauharnais found he wasn’t going to bother her again after 1814. Not only known for discovering the elemental nature of chlorine and iodine but also his miner’s safety lamp, Sir Humphry Davy saw the light dim in 1829. Prince of Serbia Mihailo Obrenović was taken out permanently in 1868. One half of dull English ‘comic’ operas (and having suffered a couple of them, they are anything but comical), writing duo Sir William Schwenck Gilbert drew the curtain on his career in 1911. Co-founder of United Artists – Mary Pickford, went back to the soil in 1979. Having mentioned 35th President of the US of A, (above), it seems only fair to give a shout out to fifth Prime Minister of India, Charan Singh who gave up breathing in 1987. East German communist (and hypocrite), murderous leader Erich Honecker saw the walls close in on him in 1994. Finally, having mentioned Dennis Lee Hopper on 17th May in honour of his birthday, here he is again given he rode off into the sunset back in 2010.


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