Today’s births start with King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Michał Korybut Wísniowiecki who started lording it up in 1640. Next up is Sistine Chapel ceiling admirer who used to get a good view of St. Peter’s Square, Ambrogio Damiano Achille Ratti or Pope Pius XI had his first blessing in 1857. Cartoonist with the term named in his honour, William Heath Robinson had a simple birth in 1872. English luvvie and distinguished act tor, Denholm Mitchell Elliott traded places in 1922. Husband to Grace Kelly and long serving monarch Rainier III of Monaco gambled on being born in 1923. Action hardman and star of various dull spaghetti Westerns Clinton ‘Clint’ Eastwood Jr. felt lucky upon his arrival to the world in 1930. 35th Prime Minister of New Zealand James Brendan ‘Jim’ Bolger joined the decent society in 1935. National service shirker, ex-gin and tonic server on Cunard who somehow became punchy Deputy Prime Minister in the United Kingdom John Leslie Prescott, foisted himself on us in 1938. Radiator staring champion, (managing five years in Lebanon), Archbishop of Canterbury’s envoy Terence Hardy ‘Terry’ Waite was released for the first time in 1939. Actress who starred in 1980’s American police series, Cagney & Lacey, Sharon Marguerite Gless turned about in 1943. Founder of Pineapple Dance Studios – Dorothy ‘Debbie’ Moore shimmied her way through in 1946. Everyone’s favourite cooking mum in the OXO ads, actress Meredith Lee Hughes/Lynda Bellingham was born in the general hospital back in 1948. Ex-member of German electronic band Kraftwerk, Karl Bartos plugged in in 1952. Not to be outdone, fellow band mate Freidrich ‘Fritz’ Hilpert was a lot more animated when born in 1956. Extra chunky gold chain wearing founder member of Run-D.M.C. Darryl Mathews McDaniels was unable to walk this way after birth in 1964. Ex-Mrs A Agassi, vegetable and nut loving (they have feelings too you know), and sort of animal rights campaigner Brooke Christa Shields wasn’t freaked when born in 1965. Two of my oldest friends, Pete & Dave have reached the milestone that is their 50th today. Norwegian of the day, cross country skier Frode Estil had his dad on the piste in celebration of his son’s birth in 1972. Irish actor who’s featured in films such as In Bruges, Saving Mr Banks and one about a phone booth – Colin Farrell had his first starring role in 1976.

Death wise, it’s a fairly quiet day but we start with Renaissance painter Jacopo Comin, or Tintoretto found his name changed again in 1594 when he became Jacopo Gone. King Frederick William I of Prussia and Elector of Brandenburg, left the great city of Berlin in 1740. French astronomer Pierre Lemonnier saw it in the stars (or was it the tea leaves?) that his time was up in 1757. Credited with inventing the clown (so luckily didn’t suffer from Coulrophobia), Joseph Grimaldi stopped messing about in 1837. Inventor of cheap man’s butter – margarine, Hippolyte Mège-Mouriés started to lose his fat in 1880. Drag queen who somehow had a successful career, Daniel Patrick Carroll or Danny La Rue, put his truss away for the last time in 2009. Co-creator of Trivial Pursuit Chris Haney found death a bit more serious in 2010. Finally, actress Jean Stapleton (born Jeanne Murray), entered her final bunker in 2013.


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