We begin today’s births paragraph with founder of Salt Lake City and door knocking champion from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Brigham Young established himself in 1801. Bavarian Prince who managed to wheedle his way to become King of Greece – Otto of Geeece slipped through in 1815. Developer of fingerprinting Henry Faulds, had a few fingers pointing at him in 1843. Actor known for his starring roles in The Wizard of Oz born Francis Philip Wuppermann but went by the stage name of Frank Morgan found he didn’t quite have thousands cheer when he was born in 1890. Role model for both Oliver Reed and Keith Moon, actor (and alcoholic) Robert Newton, (who’s the ‘patron saint’ for International Talk Like a Pirate Day given his role in Blackbeard), started to heave down in 1905. Inventor of the turbojet engine Frank Whittle, flew out in 1907. Person who made a living out of animal impersonations Percy Edwards let out his first cry in 1908. Norwegian of the day is Georgian linguist specialist Hans Kamstrup Vogt was mot dag in 1909. Norma Jean Mortensen who’s better known as the woman standing over a vent with her skirt billowing up as well as being J.F. of K’s favourite actress Marilyn Monroe found something’s got to give in 1926. Comedian and host of second rate game shows, (no, not Brucie), but Robert Alan ‘Bob’ Monkhouse made the big noise in 1928. Film actress Fatima Rashid or just Nargis who got a mention on 3rd May when she called it a day, gets another go today given she checked the gate in 1929. Following on from her, actor who if you take all the ‘d’s’ out of his name becomes Ewar Albert Arthur Woowar, Edward Woodward was the wicker (basket) baby in 1930. Singer Charles Eugene Boone or as his records credited him, Pat Boone was ready to rock in 1934. Cartoonist responsible for Pink Floyd’s The Wall (among other things), Gerald Anthony Scarfe was a caricature of himself in 1936. Kofi Annan looky likey and wearer of back to front hats in the vain hope of looking hip, Morgan Freeman was a million dollar baby to his parents in 1937. Actor Robert Powell’s mum got to see what waits below in 1944. Haggard looking hard drinking guitarist who become a dad – to twins last year, Ronald David ‘Ronnie’ Wood has somehow made it to his 70th birthday. Proper one hit wonder known for her song ‘I’ve Never Been to Me’, Charlene Marilynn D’Angelo Duncan Oliver (or just Charlene), who found it ain’t easy comin’ down in 1950. General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the People’s Republic of China and Chairman of China’s Central Miltary Commission Xi Jinping starting attending parties in 1953. Not quite ‘Hunt the Shunt’ more ‘Brundle the Trundle’, nine time podium botherer (out of 158 races), Martin John Brundle was off the starting grid in 1959. Having mentioned Boomerang (Kylie) Minogue the other day, here’s her ex-partner (in more ways than one), shopping mall loving Jason Donovan has been all around the world on more than one occasion since 1968. Swimsuit wearing ex-Mrs Seal, Heidi Klum was a seriously funny kid from 1973. Angst ridden songstress Alanis Nadine Morrisette who must have been happier having shifted 33 million albums, found now is the time in 1974.

– [ ] People at the end of their lives include, among many others, Roman Emperor (for all of nine weeks), Didius Julianus stopped having grapes fed to him in 193. Not the unamusing comedian with the funny voice/face, but Admiral David Mitchell weighed anchor in 1710. Central figure of Hinduism sect Swaminarayan Hinduism born Ghanshyam Pande, but known as Swaminarayan or Sahajanand Swami undid the turban in 1830. Inventor of airtight food preservation, (read tin cans), Nicholas Appert ended up in a wooden box back in 1841. Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari or Pope Gregory XVI vacated the Vatican in 1846. 15th President of the United States of America James Buchanan Jr., unified everyone when he died in 1868. Inventor of, (and take a deep breath), electroencephalography, or EEG, Hans Berger failed his own test in 1941. Actor best known for his portrayal of Ashley Wilkes in Gone with the Wind, Leslie Howard Steiner, who dropped the surname, found himself outward bound in 1943. Sister to Adolf, Paula Hitler went one better than him and had rigor mortis in 1960. Soul singer with The Temptations Davis Eli ‘David’ Ruffin, wasn’t bothered whether it’s raining or not from today in 1991. Sixth President of India, Neelam Sanjiva Reddy probably wasn’t prepared for his demise in 1996. Inventor of the hovercraft, Christopher Cockerell deflated suddenly in 1999. South African cricket cheat Wessel Johannes ‘Hansie’ Cronje reached 32 all out in 2002. French designer with the large glasses, Yves Henri Donat Mathieu Saint-Laurent touched cloth for the last time in 2008. Sit-com actress Ann Bradford Davis, didn’t get to say, ‘Honey I’m home’ from 2014. Also not making it through 2014 Indian singer Dhondutai Kulkarni found she was out of tune with life. Finally, ginger haired ex-leader of the yellow team (Liberal Democrats) in Britain who liked a sherbert or two, Charles Peter Kennedy reached the other place in 2015.


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