Another Pope kicks proceedings off today as we see Alessandro Ottaviano de’Medici or Pope Leo XI break his silence in 1535. Frenchman with the rather odd sexual preferences, Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade became a sadist on the day he was born in 1740. Another Pope Guiseppe Melchiorre Sarto or Pope (Saint) Pius X started wearing white in 1835. Victorian author Thomas Hardy joined the madding crowd in 1840. Composer of the Pomp and Circumstance Marches as well as vying for space on the old £20 note with Queenie, Edward William Elgar didn’t so much march as slip into life in 1857. Tarzan, as in actor/swimmer Johnny Weissmuller (born Johann Pieter Wießmüller and not Michael Helestine), swung into action in 1904. Actor Max Showalter had a naked alibi this day in 1917. Writer of many sit-coms including Till Death Do Us Part, Johnny Speight found it was two’s company in 1920. Cocaine carrier/actor Walter Stacy Keach Jr. found the squeeze irresistible in 1941. Also born that year is gaunt looking drummer with pensioner’s band The Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts will have a cup of tea and a slice of cake in celebration of his 76th birthday. One fifth of family band Travares, Anton Lee ‘Chubby’ Tavares was in the city from 1944.
Unhinged killer of 13 women Peter Sutcliffe won’t be ripping open the presents for his 71st birthday. Artist who came up with the rainbow flag for gay rights, Gilbert Baker was more a ray of light to his parents in 1951. Comedian/actor and dad to songstress Lily, Keith Allen started learning new tricks from 1953. Sidekick of Mike Myers in both Saturday Night Live and Wayne’s World, Dana Thomas Carvey was worthy of being born in 1955. Crooner with one time new romantic band Spandau Ballet Anthony Patrick ‘Tony’ Hadley broke through the barricades in 1960, and eight years later in 1968 wavy haired impressionist/comedian Jonathan Peter ‘Jon’ Culshaw has been a dead ringer (of himself) for all these years.

As for deaths, having started the births paragraph with a Pope, we see the deaths one also starting with one as Pope Saint Eugene I didn’t get to see his image being used on religious tat after 657. Italian General and biscuit officianado Guiseppe Garibaldi crumbled in 1882. Kiwi racing driver who’s name lives on with the F1 team bearing his name, Bruce Leslie McLaren found himself on the back of a trailer in 1970. 61st President of Bolivia Juan José Torres found the hair dye surplus to requirements in 1976. Winner of various awards and called Clark Gable of Bollywood, Raj Kapor was in the can, (or rather coffin), in 1998. Six time married, (beating Liz Taylor by one), actor Sir Reginald Carey ‘Rex’ Harrison stopped talking to the animals, and his ex-wives in 1990. Wrestler Sylvester Ritter or Junkyard Dog lost his grip in 1998. Dead Norwegian of the day is ex-Holmenkollen fan, Gunder Gundersen landed for good in 2005. Born Ellas Otha Bates, before adopting Ellas McDaniel as his name before going onto find fame as blues guitarist Bo Diddley found he became a (non) living legend in 2008. Finally, singer with Aboriginal band Yothu Yindi Mandawuy Yunupingu found his homeland movement a success in 2013.


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