Births today start with Philippa of England who ended up as Queen of Denmark, Sweden and Norway but started out in Northamptonshire in 1394. Keeping with the Royal theme, George III of Great Britain and Ireland started dressing like a girl in 1738. Canadian long distance plodder with today named after him in his home country, Thomas (Tom) Charles Longboat (previously Cogwagee) didn’t have a false start in 1887. Inventor of the hovercraft who was mentioned a mere three days ago when he deflated, Christopher Sydney Cockerell gets another go given he started suffering from wind in 1910. Abstract expressionist painter (read splattering paint at a bit of canvas), Fernand Leduc exhibited for the first time in 1916. Star of many a British sit-com and anti-train activist (until it’s re-routed), Geoffrey Dyson Palmer has watched time go by since 1927. Sex therapist Ruth Westheimer had to wait a few years after her birth in 1928 to learn about the birds and the bees. Canadian non-keeper of electoral promises and lawyer (I’ll stop there) William Neil ‘Bill’ Rowe found he couldn’t lie about his age from 1942. Champion jumper around Aintree, writer of a few books and cancer survivor Robert ‘Bob’ Champion jockeyed for attention in 1948 – also teeing off that year is Canadian divot maker Sandra Post. Actor known for his role in The Chinese Dectective – David Yip, found being born in 1951 has every silver lining and all that. Game show host, actor and some might say actor/singer, Bradley John Walsh started having his parents chasing after him from 1960. Part of one hit wonder family group Eldra Patrick ‘El’ DeBarge’s mum found time will reveal in 1961. Dr. Who and Worzel Gummidge actor John Pertwee, (who was credited with a name check a few days ago), and was responsible for passing the acting bug onto his son, Sean Pertwee made a sharpish entrance to the world in 1964. Unfunny comedian and actor, recovering drug addict, non amusing telephone messenger and whinging non-voter, Russell Edward Brand has been the army of one since 1975. Another person born that year is model for Lara Croft, ex-Mrs Billy-Bob Thornton, champion adopter of African children (along with ex- husband Brad Pitt – Cockney rhyming slang at its best), Angelia Jolie. Puck lover Joseph Jean-François Vineet Beauchemin didn’t put up any defence when born in 1980. Norwegian of the day is politician Oddvar Reiakvam who made solid progress in 1985.

As for deaths the following made the grade, not quite a Pope but Archbishop of Canterbury William Juxon wasn’t troubled again for his favourite hymns after 1663. Italian adventurer (in more ways than one), author and notorious paramour with the ladies, Giacomo Casanova actually fell out of bed rather than into it in 1798. Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá second President of Bolivia and sixth President of Peru, took to the earth in 1830. Other sister responsible for the tune sung at pretty nearly every birthday party, Mildred Jane Hill was unable to hear ‘Happy Birthday to You’ sung out of tune from 1916. German Emperor/King of Prussia and chief soft brush wearer on the shoulders, Wilhelm II left the pointy helmet off from 1941. Legendary rock’n’roller with the Small Faces and then the imaginatively named the Faces, Ronald Frederick ‘Ronnie’ Lane didn’t manage one for the road before expiring in 1997. Another President of Peru, (this one the 42nd and 43rd incumbent) Fernando Belaúnde Terry found his senator for life entitlement taken away from him in 2002. Finally, founding member of The Platters Herbert ‘Herb’ Reed got more than smoke in his eyes back in 2012.


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