We start today’s births paragraph off with Joseph I, King of Portugal and the Algarves started getting his hair permed in 1714. Russian writer and poet of the pretentious, Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin didn’t get to duel with his mum in 1799. Non-wearer of short trunks and co-founder of dimly lit fashion brand bearing his name, David Thomas Abercrombie was born without his Fitch in 1867. Second Artic explorer (after Roald Admundsen), Robert Falcon Scott was a lot warmer when born in 1868. Albert II King of the Belgians had his dad crack open a can of Stella in celebration of his birth in 1934. Baritone singer Levi Stubbs was one top in 1936. Unlikely sex god, blind ex-home secretary (among other posts) in Great Britain and creator of PCSO’s, David Blunkett didn’t get to see the bright side in 1947. Large mouthed comedian Sandra Bernhard wasn’t switched at birth in 1955. Five time winner of Wimbledon and now in charge of garish underpants brand, Björn Borg had the right stance in 1956. Controversial panda eyed ex-captain of the English cricket team who had the runs, (all 4,409 of them in test matches alone), Michael William ‘Mike’ Gatting set the pace in 1957. Improviser Wendy (Josie) Laurence was on the outside edge in 1959. Backing singer for Wham! and then The Style Council, ex-Mrs P Weller – Diane Catherine Sealy or Dee C Lee got to see the day in 1961. Actor who’s known for playing some character in the Harry Potter franchise, Jason Isaacs was the infiltrator in 1963.

People at the other end of life include, among others, first Prime Minister of Italy Camillo Paolo Filippo Giulio Benso, Count of Cavour took his last decision in 1861. Confederate guerrilla with the moustache, William Clarke Quantrill ended up in Louisville back in 1865. 1891 saw first Prime Minister of Canada Sir John Alexander Macdonald pass his last motion. Co-founder of car manufacturer bearing his name, Louis Chevrolet stalled in 1941. Film making pioneer Louis Lumiére unspooled himself in 1948. Stage/screen actress Olive Tell was unable to let anyone know her plight in 1951. 146th Prime Minister of Greece Ioannis Theotokis let his kebab go cold in 1961. Younger bro of John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy bit the bullet exactly like his brother, in 1968. Billionaire founder of the imaginatively named Getty Oil, Jean Paul Getty ran dry in 1976. Actor known for playing Scottish Detective Chief Inspector Jim Taggart, Mark McManus wasn’t murdered in 1994. Youngest member of family group, Marvin Isley wasn’t livin’ the life from 2010. Finally, author Thomas Ridley Sharpe finished his last chapter in 2013.


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