Births today start slightly later than normal given 25th First Lady of the United States of America Ida Saxton McKinley was born in 1847. Not to be outdone by this, second First Lady of the United States to be mentioned and wife to George H. W. Bush, Barbara Bush (née Pierce) pushed her way through in 1925. Ex-fan of cosmetic surgery with the waspish tongue, Joan Alexandra Molinsky (or Joan Rivers to her fans), began her love of hospitals in 1933. Daughter of original Rat Pack member, part time Las Vegas resident, alleged friend of the Mafia and slightly off key singer Frank – Nancy Sinatra wasn’t quite a Friday child given she entered the world on a Saturday back in 1940. Short lived sixth incarnation of Dr. Who (which is probably what most of his fans said), Colin Baker started his time travels in 1943. A year later in 1944, sometime lead singer with the Steve Miller Band, William Royce ‘Boz’ Scaggs had his lido shuffle moment. Having gone months without mentioning a Welsh singer, here’s the third within a week – big haired, raspy voiced (without smoking 100 Capstans a day), Gaynor Hopkins aka Bonnie Tyler was born faster than the speed of night in 1951. Norwegian of the day, songster Olav Stedje showed more life signs after being born in 1953. Inventor of the Information Super Bridleway, (depending on your connection speed) or World Wide Web, computer boffin Timothy John Berners-Lee made it through the firewall in 1955. Wavy ginger haired dad dancing singer with a diamond stuck in his tooth who’s somehow managed to shift a few million records, Michael James ‘Mick’ Hucknell hasn’t held back the years given he’s now 57. Founding member and keyboardist of 1980’s new wave band Duran Duran, Nicholas James Bates or Nick Rhodes started on planet earth in 1962. Non singer in manufactured band Milli Vanilli, Robert ‘Rob’ Pilatus found it was all or nothing in 1965. Comedian Shappi Khorsandi had the time slot just right in 1973. Bollywood actress/model who has been embroiled in various controversies, Shilpa Shetty never had a big brother after being born in (or around) 1975. (C)rap singer and Mr K Kardashian, Kayne Omari West made it through the wire in 1977. Whoever said there weren’t any famous Belgians, (apart from, err, Hergé, Audrey Hepburn, Eddy Merckx, Plastic Bertrand and Stella Artois), obviously forgot tennis player Kim Clijsters who dropped her first shot in 1983.

Today’s a bit of a slow one for deaths, but given the amount of dead Popes and Archbishops of Canterbury, I’m merely going to mention Muhammad passed away in 632, given I really don’t want a fatwa hanging over me. Edward of Woodstock or Prince of Wales or Prince of Acqitaine also known as the Black Prince found his spot in Canterbury Cathedral back in 1376. Having given Ronnie R a name check the other day, here’s long faced seventh President of the United States of America Andrew Jackson who vacated the Oval Office in 1845. Handbag wielding suffragette with a road named after her on Epsom Downs, Surrey – Emily Wilding Davidson had her last bet and lost in 1913. Mountaineers Andrew Irvine and George Leigh Mallory tried (and failed) to scale the North East Ridge of Mount Everest but successfully reached the dead point in 1924. Psychologist Abraham Harold Maslow didn’t quite reach the second point on his scale of needs in 1970. Chat show host from the 1980’s who liked emus Fredric Russell Harty found the conversation dried up in 1988. PLO head of intelligence Atef Bseiso obviously failed to pick up on his health issues in 1992. 10th President of Nigeria, Sani Abacha couldn’t bribe anyone to keep him going after 1998. Finally, Yoshihito, Prince Katsura of Japan stopped munching noodles in 2014.


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