Births today begin with John Constable who painted his mate and called it ‘Hey Wayne’ found his colour in 1776. Handbag wielding suffragist Millicent Garrett who went onto become known as Millicent Garrett Fawcett got to vote with her feet for her birthday in 1847. Composer Richard Georg Strauss entered the chamber in 1864. David Frederick Wingfield Verner, who magically turned that into Dai Vernon didn’t have a false cut in 1894. Physicist who co-discovered the ozone layer, Maurice Paul Auguste Charles Fabry was a bit closer to the ground in 1867. Co-developer of the aqua lung, (as opposed to the iron one), underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau used the bailout valve in 1910. Known for his sportscasts, (having given insurance selling a go) in Canada, Johnny Esaw announced his arrival in 1925. Casino/zoo owner, John Victor Aspinall aka ‘Aspers’ didn’t throw everything on red in 1926. Fabiola de Moya y Aragón, later to become Queen Faniola of Belgium joined the ranks of famous Belgians in 1928. Jerome Silberman or curly haired comedy actor Gene Wilder was his parents little prince from 1933. Fan of non-matching tartan hats, trousers and jumpers not to mention driving round racetracks, John Young ‘Jackie’ Stewart didn’t need a jump start in 1939. Given his name and being the only member of ZZ Top without a beard (unless you count the goatee), Frank Lee Beard made it through the legs in 1949. Singer/songwriter Lyndsey Monckton Rubin, but known as Lynsey de Paul was born in 1950, no honestly. Multi talented actor/musician who’s also great mates with wonky nosed know all Stephen Fry, James Hugh Calum Laurie was the young visitor in 1959. Formula One racing driver with one win to his name, Giovanni ‘Jean’ Alesi had his first tifosi in 1964. Having eaten his local McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King out of stock, 579kg, 1,316lb or in real money a whopping 94 stone, Manuel ‘Meme’ Uribe Garza didn’t declare his birth weight on Wikipedia in 1965. Alois Philipp Maria the Hereditary Prince of Liechtenstein didn’t veto his birth in 1968. Co-founder of Tumblr (whatever that is), Marco Arment programmed his arrival in 1982. Just when you thought there wasn’t a Norwegian of the day, here’s non death metal singer, Didrik Solli-Tangen wasn’t his family’s best kept secret from 1987.

Deaths today start with James III of Scotland who found himself a lot more popular in 1488. Keeping with the ancient royal theme, John III of Portugal who was mentioned only four days ago, found he started losing weight naturally in 1557. King of Great Britain and Ireland along with being Duchy and Electorate of Brunswick-Lüneburg, George I didn’t have to dress up in his tights and fancy costume from 1727. Brewer of gassy beer Samuel Whitbread sipped his last shandy in 1796. William, Prince of Orange from Holland was more a greyish colour today in 1879. Yet another royal, this one Aleksander Obrenović, Alexander I King of Serbia and Queen Draga his wife found the bullets with their name on it in 1903. Designer of iconic fighter plane Submarine Spitfire, Reginald Joseph Mitchell gave up the fight in 1937. American version of Lord Baden Powell, chief woggle wearer and boss of Akela, Daniel Carter Beard, wasn’t prepared for death in 1941. Cricket bat maker to W.G. Grace, (among others), Montague Odd – was stumped in 1951. Ninth President of Portugal, José Mendes Cabeçadas weighed anchor in 1965. Big sash wearer and sixteenth President of Brazil, Eurico Gaspar Dutra didn’t get to visit Copcabana Beach after 1974. Having mentioned ‘The Duke’, (not Tango man David Dickinson), but Marion Robert Robinson or with the rather more butch name John Wayne a few days ago, here he is again given he un-saddled himself in 1979. Author of numerous historical novels (none of which I’ve heard of), Catherine Ann McMullen who went by the pen name Catherine Cookson, lost the plot forever in 1998. Deluded nutter Timothy McVeigh felt the full force of the law in 2001. Dad to Camilla – current Mrs to Chas, Major Bruce Middleton Hope Shand surrendered in 2006. Fifth Prime Minister of Vietnam, Vo Van Kiet actually kept his promise by dying in 2008. Finally actor known for his portrayal as Fagin in Oliver! Ronald Moodnick or Ron Moody, became a ghost in Monaco back in 2015.


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