Ancient Emperor Gaozong of Song starts proceedings today given his family started singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him from 1107. Designer of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Johann August Röbling or John Augustus Roebling made tracks in 1806. Writer responsible for her book about Swiss mountain girl Heidi, didn’t read a lot into being born back in 1827. Robert Anthony Eden, British Prime Minister during the Suez Canal crisis made it through another canal – the birth one in 1897. David Rockefeller, member of family with various things named after them in Manhattan banked on being born in 1915. Having mentioned his wife a mere four days ago in honour of her birthday, they will continue the celebrations as ex-President of the US of A George Herbert Walker Bush campaigned to be born in 1924. Original loft dweller and legendary diary keeper Annelies Mary ‘Anne’ Frank began documenting her life from 1929. Non-relation to peanut butter/fried squirrel sandwich chomping spangly jump suited singer Elvis, Reginald Maurice Ball, or as he was also known Reg Presley, found the love was all around him in 1941. Irish ball kicker (and it’s not George Best) but Patrick Anthony ‘Pat’ Jennings didn’t block his arrival in 1945. Founding member of The Pretenders, Peter Granville ‘Pete’ Farndon was learning to crawl a few months after his birth in 1952.
John Linnell, (not the artist), but quirky musician with They Might Be Giants has been at large since 1959. Actor known for his role in dull legal drama Suits, Rick Hoffman started off life seeing people in gowns back in 1970. Co-creator of Mozilla Firefox internet browser Blake Aaron Ross, began looking up at things in 1985.
As for deaths, Pope Leo III doesn’t let the side down given he stopped wafting the incense about in 816. Not wanting to be left out, Archbishop of Canterbury (and Bishop of Wells), Lyfing certainly wasn’t laughing in 1020. Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich during the reign of King Edward VI of England probably wished he hadn’t persecuted the church when he pegged it in 1567. Prime Minister of the Netherlands Theodorus ‘Theo’ Heemskerk didn’t get to tip toe through the tulips again after 1932. Heavyweight boxer before going onto bong the gong for Rank Films, William ‘Billy’ Wells stopped oiling up in his loincloth from 1967. Holiday camp king, Sir William Heygate Edmund Colbourne ‘Billy’ Butlin found his season over in 1980. Also not making it through 1980, Prime Minister of Japan Masayoshi Ōhira obviously found work a strain given he keeled over in office. Actress Norma Shearer found the casting couch was surplus to requirements from 1983. Nicole Brown Simpson wife to convicted felon and former American Football star O.J. Simpson entered the coffin corner in 1994. Legendary screen actor Eldred Gregory Peck found himself marooned from 2003. Finally, Indian singer Khagen Mahanta stopped drinking Assam tea in 2014.


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