Today’s posting begins with ancient Emperor of Japan given Emperor Konoe got the job pretty much as soon as he was born in 1139. Scottish born explorer of the land of sunshine, surfing, spiders and, err, Foster’s, Thomas Livingstone Mitchell started surveying everything in front of him from 1792. Goyaałé, otherwise known as Bedonkohe Apache leader Geronimo was ‘the one who yawns’ in 1829. Sash/medal wearing King of Sweden Gustav V started life as Duke of Värmland in 1858. Norwegian of the day, rifle shooter Olaf Emil Frydenlund must have had his eye in given he made it through the sights in 1862. Ninth Prime Minister of maple syrup drinking lumberjacks, Arthur Meighen proved to be more popular with his family in 1874 than voters in later life. One of the best ever comedy actors to grace the earth, Stanley Arthur Jefferson (or Stan Laurel as the Sons of the Desert know him), had his first fine mess in 1890. Old rock studier with the rather unfortunate middle name, George Gaylord Simpson had to wait a few years from 1902 to become an old fossil himself. Actor Jack Albertson had his cousins kissin’ him from 1907. President of the Revolutionary Government of the Armed Forces of Peru, Juan Francisco Velasco Alvarado raised the stakes in 1910. Controversial politician who made the equally controversial ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech – John Enoch Powell faced freedom and reality in 1912. Over exposed actor James Christopher Bolam was a likely lad from 1938. Songwriter and one third of Holland Dozier Holland, Lamont Herbert Dozier kept his mum hangin’ on in 1941. Singer with The Stylistics, James Smith was a rockin’ rolling baby in 1950. Fellow singer (albeit one I’ve never heard of), Gino Vannelli found people gotta move in 1952. American divot maker Philip Alfred ‘Phil’ Mickleson had a free drop in 1970. Notorious singer, (used in the broadest sense of the word), Lesane Parish Crooks, or Tupac Shakur noticed the changes after being born in 1971. Spanish born German actor Daniel César Martin Brühl González Domingo, or just Daniel Brühl, was in no real rush to be delivered in 1978.

Death wise, physician who was an early adopter of anaesthesia, John Snow, found himself knocked out in 1858. War Cry peddler, timbrel enthusiast and son of Sally Army founder William – Bramwell Booth was ‘promoted to glory’ in 1929. Given I mentioned David T. Abercrombie the other day in honour of his birthday, here’s his equally non-hunky business partner Ezra Hasbrouck Fitch who must have issued the diktat for dark shops given he entered a very dark place in 1930. Person credited with finding and naming the San Andreas Fault, Andrew Cowper Lawson felt a little quiver in 1952. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Hungarian People’s Republic with the moustache and glasses, Imre Nagy found he didn’t go hungry from 1958. Actor who played Superman in the television series of the same name, George Reeves had enough of Kryptonite in 1959. Pointer at a map whilst getting the weather wrong, Jule Gregory Charney suffered a severe low pressure in 1981. Fan of Columbian marching powder along with being lead guitarist with The Pretenders, James Honeyman-Scott wasn’t pretending being dead in 1982. Founder of alternative political party, (alas it’s not Nigel Farage), but David Edward Sutch or Screaming Lord Sutch certainly wasn’t alive and well from 1999. Finally, 10th Prime Minister of Thailand Field Marshall Thanom Kittikachorn didn’t manage to add to his medal collection from 2004.


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