Today, we see the births of another ancient royal – Edward Longshanks or King Edward I of England who also went by the name Hammer of the Scots expelled himself in 1239. Not to be outdone, and keeping with the theme, Charles (or Carl) XII, King of Sweden started having his hair permed in 1682. Turncoat in the American Revolution and signer of the United States Declaration of Independence, William Hooper didn’t change his mind about being born in 1742. Norwegian of the day is second Kristiansand resident to be mentioned this week, Henrik Arnold Thaulow Wergeland, he of dodgy haircut, funny glasses and excessive sideburns, got his pose just right in 1808. Inventor of shorthand system named after him, John Robert Gregg also had short arms and legs in 1867. Credited with inventing the chocolate chip cookie Ruth Graves Wakefield blended in well after being delivered in 1903. Over enthusiastic cat lover who left her moggies a million pounds, Beryl Reid didn’t go for the extra day given she was born in 1919. Film/television director Kenneth ‘Ken’ Loach wasn’t in two minds amount being delivered in 1936. 58th speaker of the House of Representatives, Newton Leroy McPherson or Newton Leroy ‘Newt’ Gringrich couldn’t keep quiet from 1943. Also born that year is Julian Clary looky likey and Ivory tinkler with the nose, Barry Alan Pinkus who adopted his mum’s surname, (Manilow) didn’t think, ‘let’s hang on’. Comedian/game show host who hit the big time presenting a programme on Retirement Living TV, William ‘Bill’ Rafferty found every second counts from 1944. Mac wearing nasal drone with the wart and newts, ex-Mayor of London Kenneth Robert ‘Ken’ Livingstone elected to be born in 1945. Another person born that year is earlier incarnation of Lance Armstrong, Eddy Merckx who found he was a dropout. One half of gross out brotherly film directors, Robert Leo ‘Bobby’ Farrelly Jr., was unhitched in 1958. 1963 saw Pauline Graham’s daughter, Sandra, light up her world. Dirtballer and grass court specialist who’s also older sis to Serena, Venus Ebony Starr Williams hasn’t quite reached deuce given she was born in 1980.

It appears not to be a day to be anything religious given we start the deaths paragraph with Pope Adeodatus II or Deodatus II who only got four years as top dog before giving up in 676. Archbishop of Rheims, Fulk the Venerable, found his prayers weren’t answered in 900. Empress consort of the Mughal Empire, born Arjumand Bantu but known as Mumtaz Mahal ended up at the temple her husband built in her honour back in 1631. Lakshmibai the Rani of Jhansi, though known at birth as Manikarnika, didn’t put up any resistance to turning her toes up in 1858. Not quite a Pope but His Eminence Basil Hume of Westminster stopped wafting incense about in 1999, whilst two years later in 2001 Archbishop of Glasgow, Thomas Winning lost the will to live. Leggy American dancer and actress Tula Ellice Finklea who sensibly changed her name to Cyd Charisse failed to high kick again after 2008. 2012 saw Rodney Glen King III succeed in finishing off what the LAPD tried to do in 1991. Finally, best known for her role ‘Nursey’ in BBC comedy Blackadder, Patricia ‘Patsy’ Byrne saw the curtain come down in 2014.


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