Another ancient royal begins today’s posting as King of Scotland James VI, who also held the title King of England and Ireland as James I was his mum’s little prince from 1566. Sixth Hindu Guru, Guru Hargobind (or Saccha Badshah), was one of the Khalsa from 1595. Founding member of the Royal Geographic Society – John Barrow started to get his bearings in 1764. Professional cutter of people and pioneer of hypnotism, James Braid didn’t put his mum in a trance during birth in 1795. Desk soldier, (whilst sending everyone else to the front line), who now has a pub named after him in Effingham, Surrey – Douglas Haig took the easiest option in 1861. Future royal gold digger Bessie Wallis Warfield, who went onto become Wallis Simpson, before getting the title Wallis, Duchess of Windsor freeloaded from today in 1896. Actor/comedian Moses Harry Horwitz (or just Moe Howard), was sweet and hot in 1897. Diminutive ginger comedian, Charles Edward Springall or Charlie Drake as he became known was a little darling from 1925. Having mentioned Barry Took on March 31st when he rolled over, here he is again given he made his point of view known in 1928. Bosnian Serb war criminal with the wild hair who disappeared for a few years, Radovan Karadžić fought his way through in 1945. Also born that year is Burmese house sitting champion Aung San Suu Kyi. Ex-hush hush Lower Kingswood (Surrey) resident, Iran fatwa recipient of the year 1989, Ahmad Salman Rushdie has no shame being born in 1947. Dreary singer who gave Leonard Cohen a run for his money, Nicholas Rodney ‘Nick’ Drake joined the family tree in 1948. American singer Laurence Dunhill who obviously couldn’t be bothered to sign his full name given he abbreviated it to Larry Dunn, didn’t have as much earth or fire as he did wind in 1953. A year later, large framed and deep voiced actress Mary Kathleen Turner had a simple wish to be born. Old cheerleader for Los Angeles Lakers and previous Mrs Emilio Estevez with an alleged substance problem, Paula Julie Abdul wasn’t in a rush rush to be delivered in 1962. Scrum enthusiast who runs after hookers and ex-RAF pilot, Rory Underwood had the dummy passed to him in 1963. Another ex-Mayor of London, blonde mop head Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson started out in New York in 1964. Actress/fashion designer and ex-Mrs Jude Law, Sadie Liza Vaughan/Frost had the presence of mind to be born in 1965, whilst in 1967 Norwegian of the day Bjørn Dæhlie slid through. Z list ‘celebrity’ who apparently had an affair with David Beckham (wow), and went onto feature in various dull reality shows Rebecca Loos made her first appearance in 1977. Actress born Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario but goes by Zoe Saldana had the perfect vantage point in 1978.

Deaths are thinner on the ground today, but we start with Emperor of Mexico Maximilian I, let the moths at his excessively large ermine cape in 1867. Sir James Matthew Barrie, 1st Baronet found he didn’t have Peter Pan’s powers in 1937. Chairman of IBM Thomas John Watson Sr., punched his last card in 1956. Wife of chief marshmallow burner and lead singer of ‘Ging Gang Gooly’, Olave Baden-Powell didn’t get any more badges after 1977. Founder of relationship counselling Paul Popenoe left his wife (without consultation) in 1979. Actress from the 1930’s/40’s Jean Arthur found you can’t take it with you in 1991. Writer of The Lord of the Flies, Sir William Gerald Golding buzzed off in 1993. Singer of festive hit ‘Jingle Bell Rock’, Robert Lee ‘Bobby’ Helms started hanging about with the fool and the angel from 1997. Finally, actor known for his role in The Sopranos James Joseph Gandolfini Jr., became the man who wasn’t there in 2013.


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