Births today begin with Sigisund III Vasa not only the King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Sweden but also Guy Fawkes looks likey, released himself in 1566. Hollywood darling Errol Leslie Thompson Flynn had the green light to be born in 1909. Actress/television producer Margaret LaVelle Fitzpatrick, but better known as Gail Patrick left the stage door in 1911. Non zoo keeper with the television programme and numerous voices, Ernest John ‘Johnny’ Morris hatched in 1916. Sculptor of ‘The Sphere’, which stood between the twin towers in New York and is now in Battery Park showing the damage sustained during 9/11, Fritz Koenig adapted to life from 1924. Far right French fire brand politico Jean-Marie Le Pen made his entrance to the world in 1928. Star of various not very amusing sit-coms, Wendy Craig didn’t have butterflies arriving in 1934. Diminutive cricketer Ramakant Desai bowled everyone over in 1939. Film director Stephen Arthur Frears sealed the deal and has been celebrating his birthday since 1941. Co-founder of Californian band The Beach Boys, Brian Douglas Wilson had his breakaway moment in 1942. Original cast member of The Mickey Mouse Club Cheryl Lynn Holdridge, pulled the ripcord in 1944. Ex-Commodore, (as in band member, not naval officer), crooner Lionel Brockman Ritchie Jr. said, ‘Hello’ for the first time in 1949. Winner of the job no one else wanted, Nouri al-Maliki (now ex) Prime Minister of Iraq had a vote of confidence from his family in 1950. Large actor who liked a drink (or three) whilst starring in unamusing series Roseanne, John Stephen Goodman wasn’t born yesterday given he’s celebrating his 65th birthday today. South African born English previous cricket captain, Allan Joseph Lamb bailed out in 1954. Another(!) ex-Mrs T. Cruise, Nicole Mary Kidman really is the birthday girl seeing as she arrived in 1967. Ball kicker and diving meister, Frank James Lampard made it through the defences in 1978.

It seems to be another slow day for deaths, but we kick off with Roman Emperor Louis the Pious must have hoped his connections made his funeral special in 840. Argentinian flag waver and statesman with a boat named after him, Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano sank without trace in 1820, rather like his boat 162 years later. King of Great Britain along with that old outpost of Hanover, William IV stopped having his portraits painted in 1837. Bruno Frank, writer of the screenplay for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as opposed to a phone book entry for a boxer, was canned in 1945. Fan of twinkly lights, massive casinos, over extravagant shows and associated kickbacks, Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel took a gamble and lost in 1947. One fourth of The Four Tops, Lawrence Albert Payton found that’s as nature planned it in 1997. Dutch jogger Tinus Osendarp dropped his baton in 2002. Finally, co-founder of and guitarist with Kool and the Gang – Claydes Charles Smith funked off in 2006.


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