Today sees the births of, among others, person with a city, island and mountain named after him as George Vancouver started making a name for himself in 1757. Fifteenth, (and longest serving) Prime Minister of New Zealand – Richard John Seddon entered the house in 1845. Writer of various books including King Solomon’s Mines, Henry Rider Haggard should have been called Eric Brighteyes in 1856. Third husband of eight (!) times married actress Elizabeth Taylor, Michael ‘Mike’ Todd began his own journey in life back in 1909. Announcer on various American dating/married game shows, John Byron ‘Johnny’ Jacobs, gave his first shout out in 1916. Indian actor Amrish Lal Puri kept the 180 degree rule in 1932. Known as battle axe Cybill in excellent 1970’s sit-com Fawlty Towers, Sutton Abinger born (just outside of Dorking, Surrey), Prunella Margaret Rumney Illingworth (or as her Equity card states, Prunella Scales) didn’t have Hobson’s Choice in 1932. Singer of dull country songs and star of various films, Kris Kristofferson had no place to hide after today in 1936. Presenter with the teeth and odd shaped vegetables, Esther Louise Rantzen found that’s life from 1940. Singer/songwriter Todd Rundgren found his birthdays were one long year apart from each other in 1948. Another person with prominent teeth due to the permanent grin, oldest of the family singing group – Alan Osmond was more slippin’ than steppin’ out in 1949. Also born that year, versatile actress Mary Louise ‘Meryl’ Streep was the girl rising. Madonna wannabe and 1980’s popster with the ever changing hair colour, Cynthia Ann Stephanie ‘Cyndi’ Lauper wondered what was going on in 1953. Loquacious radio DJ and television presenter Danny Baker will take a breath to blow out the 60 candles on his cake. Subject of film bearing her name, real life Erin Brockovich (née Pattee), found birth a struggle but won in 1960. Glaswegian falsetto screecher James William ‘Jimmy’ Somerville has never said goodbye since 1961. Another Glaswegian singer Robert Bernard Andrew Gillespie, front man of band Primal Scream saw more than light when born in 1962. Singer with 90’s indie band Jesus Jones, Michael James ‘Mike’ Edwards was right here right now in 1964. Also born that year, writer responsible for The Da Vinci Code – Daniel Gerhard ‘Dan’ Brown got the plot. Another musician, this one lead singer/guitarist Steven Jay Page saw his first barenaked lady in 1970. French cyclist Thomas Voeckler was a descender in 1979.

As for deaths, the (hopefully) correctly named Pope Innocent V saw his zucchetto fall off for the last time in 1276. Not only do we have Pope Innocent but also Heber Chase Kimball a leading light with door knocking, bible quoting and prolific note taking Latter Day Saint Movement who gave up door stepping people in 1868. Having worked his way up the slippery pole to become President of the French Republic Clément Armand Fallières found himself at the bottom of it in 1931. Meteorologist/climatologist with a climate classification system named after him, Wladimir Köppen experienced an extended cold front in 1940. Fred Astaire’s mate and mum to Liza Minnelli, Judy Garland (who was mentioned 12 days ago), headed over the rainbow in 1969. By some strange quirk of fate, Frederick Austerlitz (Fred Astaire) turned his tap shoes up in 1987. Finally, magazine magnate Felix Dennis ran out of hobbies in 2014.


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