We kick the births paragraph off with chief finger pointer and poster boy for the army in the First World War, Horatio Herbert Kitchener got his first medal in 1850. Prince George of Greece and Denmark (the one with the waxed moustache), had spilt loyalties from 1869. Older brother to Walt and co-founder of cartoon company, Roy Oliver Disney was quite animated after being born in 1893. Charles Hollis ‘Chuck’ Taylor, known for throwing a ball through a hoop as well as his legendary canvas boots had a fast break in 1901. Not the lead singer with heavy rock band AC/DC, but commentator with the rather more genteel sport of cricket, Brian Alexander Johnson (Johnners) was all out in 1912. Previous President of Chile, Eduardo Alfredo Juan Bernardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle lowered gradually into the world back in 1942. Wallington (Surrey) born guitarist with various bands, Geoffrey Arnold ‘Jeff’ Beck plucked his way through in 1944. Also born that year is ‘alternative’ flamboyant singer Arthur Wilton Brown who set his parents world on fire. Ex-Mayor of New York, George Elmer Pataki has been in the running for his birthday every year since 1945. Fan of drinking a bottle of brandy whilst banging out a beat on the drums, Maui resident Michael John Kells ‘Mick’ Fleetwood will probably be sipping mint tea celebrating his 70th birthday whilst his band mates bicker around him. Reggae encyclopaedia and radio DJ, David Michael Rodigan shouldn’t need to smoke the Jamaican tobacco for him to enjoy his 66th year on the planet. Pioneer of electronic music who then let the side down by founding the dire Atomic Kitten, George Andrew ‘Andy’ McCluskey didn’t so much talk as scream loud and clear in 1959. Given we haven’t had a Norwegian for a few days, Erik Poppe solves that given he popped out in 1960. One half of band Tears for Fears, Curt Smith was born from the seeds of love in 1961. Singer/songwriter Glenn Alan Medeiros has been unable to say, ‘Not me’ to his birthday since 1970. Non drug taking cyclist, (now there’s a novelty eh Lance, Bjarne, Robert Miller et al), Robert ‘Robbie’ McEwen had a baby head in 1972. Very tall (6ft 6ins, or in new money, 1.98m) cricketer, Stuart Christopher John Broad bowled his family over in 1986. Overpaid ball kicker Lionel Messi found what nappies (diapers) were for from 1987.

Deathwise, (I don’t think this person is from Harry Potter), Higbald of Lindisfarne ran out of time in 803. Founder of Chinese pot makers and head of Ming Empire, Hongwu Emperor found himself in the earth in 1398. 22nd and 24th President of the United States of America, Stephen Grover Cleveland lost the body guards in 1908. Not one of my old school teachers but Hollywood film director – William Jackson Keighley has found since 1984 that every dawn I die. Also not making it through that year, third President of the National Hockey League, Clarence Sutherland Campbell hasn’t left the sin bin. Known for playing George Banks in Mary Poppins, actor David Cecil MacAlister Tomlinson found the magic box in 2000. Cocaine using Ex-Prime Minister of Italy Emilio Colombo was resigned to dying in 2013. Finally, star of various dull Westerns, (among others), Eli Herschel Wallach became the ghost writer in 2014.


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