Today’s posting begins with King of France and Naples, Louis XII wasn’t a usurper in 1462. Continuing the ancient French royal theme, King Charles IX was feeling ruff in 1550. Co-writer of song sung at virtually every birthday party around the world, ‘Happy Birthday to You’, Mildred J. Hill had to make do with people saying that to her from 1859. Having mentioned co-founder of Southwest Airlines yesterday when he died, here’s the founder of Pan American World Airways – the aptly named Juan Terry Tripp flew out in 1899. Extensive Geordie, (Newcastle, England for my foreign friends), writer of books Catherine Cookson (or rather Catherine McMullen), was a novel addition to the family in 1906. IT billionaire and maverick politico who’s thrown his Stetson into American Presidential race on two occasions, Henry Ross Perot downloaded successfully in 1930. Taller, un-amusing half of ‘comedy’ duo Cannon & Ball, Thomas Derbyshire or Tommy Cannon as he’s known professionally, had the open spot in 1938. Living Norwegian of the day goes to actress Kjersti Døvigen who started wearing thick woolly jumpers this day in 1943. Eighth President of Ireland Mary Patricia McAleese reconciled to be being born in 1951. Another non-amusing comedian Feroza ‘Meera’ Syal had her goodness gracious me moment in 1961. West End musical luvvie and extensive talker on BBC Radio 2, Michael Ashley Ball was centre stage in 1962. Stern faced nanny Joanne ‘Jo’ Frost had her first time out in 1971. Second living Norwegian, black metaller Olve Eikemo has so far been immortal given he’s now 44. Singer/songwriter with Sixpence None the Richer, Leigh Bingham Nash was in the early years from 1976. South African born English (thanks to his mum), cricketer Kevin Peter Pietersen has reached 37 not out and should celebrate by having a duck. Another of Khardashian clan, famed for doing nothing but appearing in dull television programmes about themselves – Khloé Alexandra Khardashian tried to make a name for herself in 1984. F1 driver who’s yet to win the championship, Nico Erik Rosberg was under starters orders in 1985.

As for people dying, founder of the Sikh Empire Maharaja Ranjit Singh loosened the turban in 1839. First President of the Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints, (or Mormons to you and me), Joseph Smith Jr. found his days of door knocking and annoying people over in 1844. Dead Norwegian of the day, Ragna Wettergreen had everyone convinced with her death scene in 1958. Not only an English tennis player (who lifted the Wimbledon trophy five times), but also a golfer and field hockey player who picked up a silver medal for archery at the 1908 Olympic Games, Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Dod had her last quiver in 1960. Known for bringing James Bond to life (yawn), Albert Romolo Broccoli found you don’t live twice in 1996. Actor John Uhler ‘Jack’ Lemmon III wasn’t one of those who liked it hot in 2001 given he’s buried in Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery, Los Angeles. Having gone to Las Vegas, John ‘The Ox’ Entwhistle found his life ended in a hotel room with a stripper/groupie after suffering a heart attack, so no guessing what they were up to. One third of The Three Degrees Fayette Regina Pinkney made sure it was Two Degrees in 2009. Another fan of the Colombian marching powder, (other drugs are available), Robert Dwayne ‘Bobby’ Womack found it’s all over now in 2014. Finally, songwriter/singer responsible for Mustang Sally and Respect Yourself to name but two – Bonny ‘Mack’ Rice came to the end of his score in 2016.


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